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Part 3 of Teddy Boy posted today! Teddy Boy: Part 3



Part 2 of Teddy Boy posted today! Teddy Boy: Part 2




Meet Fig, the latest inductee into John Cobbler’s harem and the final vignette of the first season: Vignettes from the Harem #7: Fig

And I also have the first part of a new story for you to enjoy: Teddy Boy: Part 1

More later!



Meet Raspberry, the latest inductee into John Cobbler’s harem:

Vignettes from the Harem #6: Banana



Meet Raspberry, the latest inductee into John Cobbler’s harem:

Vignettes from the Harem #5: Raspberry



Meet Apple & Pear, the third and fourth inductees into John Cobbler’s harem:

Vignettes from the Harem #4: Apple & Pear



Meet Peach, the sixth inductee into John Cobbler’s harem:

Vignettes from the Harem #3: Peach



Meet Melon, the second inductee into John Cobbler’s harem:

Vignettes from the Harem #2: Melon



Meet Lemon, the first inductee into John Cobbler’s harem:

Vignettes from the Harem #1: Lemon



I’ve uploaded two things for you all today. The first is a very old story of mine already published on Staylace. This is the fourth and final installment of the Society for the Fulfilment of the Venus Ideal Chronicles and is appropiately titled with the name of said noble society.

The second is the (very brief) introduction to my latest project, a series of vignettes all based in a harem. I’ve written around half a dozen of these thus far, but the number is potentially limitless, it just depends where my sick mind takes me. I’d particularly like any feedback on these and ideas for future developments in John Cobbler’s harem.

As always, thanks to Cafterhomme for the advice and typo-checking.

Uploaded today:




Up today is the final part of La Maison des Poupees and also a short story I’ve done inspired by the incredible work of Latex Leticia and Doll Project. Please check out and like their stuff!

Uploaded today:




Uploaded today:




Uploaded today:




As promised, there’s more!

Readers asked if that was all that exists of Becoming Cupcake. It wasn’t, but the story is still unfinished. However, the rest of what was written is now here: Becoming Cupcake: Parts 4-7.

Second part of La Maison des Poupees is now up.


Part 1 of my latest tale, Once Upon A Time in Latin America. As always, thanks to Cafterhomme for the comments and suggestions.

Stay safe!



About a month ago I finall got around to rearranging the appearance of this site and, pretty soon after I did, a reader contacted me and pointed out that it was now harder for him to find any new material. Hmm… My solution to the problem is to move this page (formerly the Occasional Blog, now renamed as Updates) to the front of the site and post any updates on here.

I don’t know about you, but this COVID-19 pandemic means that I’m spending a lot more time in front of the computer. So, a silver lining to that great cloud may mean more stuff on this site. We’ll see…

To start the ball rolling, I’m posting on this site a very old tale of mine, indeed, the first work of erotica I ever wrote. Please enjoy La Maison des Poupees: Part 1.

There are new stories in the pipeline, including one finished and being checked over. I also intend to add some more Benfanstoybox stuff. Keep checking in!

Stay safe!


Every so often I get sent stuff or come across things that are related to my fetish interests and the stories on this site. On this page I wish to collect all of it for your perusal.

20/02/20 – Benfanstoybox Yahoo Group


A friend recently alerted me to the fact that the above group is now defunct and deleted and so several on the links to stories on the site are now redundant. He also sent me copies of those tales and so, in order to prevent them disappearing into the vaccuum of history, I’ve reposted them on this site. If yoare the author of one of these tales and have an issue with this, please let me know and I’ll remove. I certainly don’t want to upset anyone but, similarly, I don’t want these excellent tales getting lost.

I hope you’re all enjoying the new tales!


21/06/19 – Chinese!


This week a reader contacted me to let me know that he has translated a story of mine into Chinese. This was a great honour for me so I’ve posted it here. 阿纳斯塔西娅的故事 is the Chinese version of my old tale The Tale of Anastasia. For those of you who can read it, enjoy! And for those of you who can’t, here’s a new tale, The Diary of Olivia Edwards which is a sequel to Dr. Edwards’ Special Birthday Present and is set in the same Alternative Britain as the Anastasia tale.


17/02/19 – Artwork for The Goddess Provides, Officially


Today I have posted the final installment of my potgirl story The Goddess Provides, Officially, and some more eagle-eyed readers may have noticed the picture that now graces all the installments of this tale. This was kindly done by Gamera1985, the man whose work first introduced me to the concept of potgirls and has been such a major inspiration to me. Gamera has agreed to do a series of images for the tale in return for some work I will do on a story for him. I can only thank him profusely. Below I have printed the images he has done so far. When the whole series is complete I’ll have a chat with him and I will insert them in the most appropriate places in the tale.

Once again, thanks Gamera and I hope you all enjoy them.



17/02/19 – Shmabahamoha


Many visitors to this site will be aware of the writer Shmabahamoha and their stories on the internet as they often cover similar themes to my own. A month or two back, I had a conversation via email with Shmabahamoha and we got talking about possible story ideas and, in particular, one that I have had in the back of my mind for around twenty years (!!!) but, weirdly, have never written. It involves the absolutely ridiculously ornate and restrictive costumes of the 18th century with their narrow waists, wide panniers and ornate hairstyles. I first got into these watching the delectable Sylvia Kristel in ‘The Fifth Musketeer’ as a child and then the stunning young Uma Thurman in ‘Dangerous Liaisons’.

Fifth Musketeer, The 1979 Original Lobby Card #FFF-48989 ...Vintage Original photograph Rex Harrison & Sylvia by ...

Sylvia Kristel in ‘The Fifth Musketeer’ (1979)

Glenn close, Uma thurman and John malkovich on Pinterest

Dangerous Liaisons (1988)

I longed to write a story about such restrictive costumes, something akin to Mike Haville’s masterful Rebecca of Halstead Hall, but taking it up a notch, whereby, when riding out the ladies wear a mask (to proect the skin) which includes a gag, plus their hands are tied to their panniers, rendering them useless. For some reason though, it never got written, but I discussed the idea with Shmabahamoha and, to my delight, they wrote a story along such lines and then asked me to help edit it, which I was honoured to do. So please, let me present Amélie en France, not my story at all, but one in which I had a small input. Read all four parts through and, I hope, it will inspire you too to write something about this wonderful period of ridiculous fashions.



05/01/19 – New story, potgirls and new developments


Most of you will, by now, have read my latest work, A Gift Offering. This represents a bit of a new direction for me in that it involves a fetish that I have not written about before: potgirls.

I encountered my first potgirl in the week running up to Christmas and for a few weeks following, they’ve kind of occupied my mind. A Gift Offering is not my only potgirl story; do not fear, the others will be posted here soon.

The idea is a simple one: the human body is pared down to the bare minimum it needs to survive and then permanently encased in a pot. I came across them on the excellent website of Gamera, a French artist and author of some skill who seems to have a thing for potgirls. In particular, the story The Ennui of Luxury (actually authored by NoCoeur) inspired my tale, which utilises the same images (the forthcoming potgirl stories are, I promise, far more original). However, there is much more potgirl action on the site for those interested to enjoy.

Now comes the controversial bit…

Whilst I enjoyed all the potgirl stuff I read, everything on the net seemed to suffer from one major shortcoming: all the potgirls were willing, even enthusiastic, to undergo potisation. And that to me is an issue because, no matter how screwed up you are, how many people are going to actually want to be made totally immobile and dependent and shoved into a vase? That is why I thought about remedying things: I wanted to write potgirl tales where the main character(s) are either unwilling or reluctant. I also wanted them to be societal restriction stories whereby the character undergoes potisation because that is what the society they exist in (or the marrage they exist in) demands. Of course, there will be some exceptions to this but, like my ladies of leisure and doll wives, I want to create a reality whereby potting young ladies is seen as believable and an accepted part of upper class society. I hope I have succeeded. Comments, criticisms and ideas for new stories extremely welcome!

One more thing: whilst on my potgirl journey, Cafterhomme convinced me to start posting my stuff on DeviantArt as well. So, there is now a Dave Potter DeviantArt page which includes, not only all my work, but also my favourites from other artists/authors. Please check it out, favourite my stuff and leave some comments. One point though: this page will remain my primary outlet for fiction and all stuff will always be posted here first.



16/12/18 – New Story and piece on Korean women


After a long hiatus, there’s a new tale on here, The Ladies of Hetherington Hall. It has been inspired by the work of Shmabahamoha whose tales I think many visitors to this site will appreciate, particularly the latest: A Modern Aristocratic Woman.



09/08/18 – New Story and piece on Korean women


I’ve added a new story today. Originally a collaboration between Cafter Homme and I, after months of inactivity, I gave up but Cafter soldiered on. The result is amazing, and this is only the first half! Please enjoy Dollhood, A Woman’s Choice: Part 1.

I have also added an information page on the lives of women in traditional Korean society. This is included as it informed my latest story which I promise to publish in the near future. Until then, get yourselves in the mood with Notes on the Status of Korean Women during the 1890s.

17/07/18 – New Stories


I’ve added another new story today. A Day in the Life: Dolly and Molly is a continuation of the Victorian story arc begun by A Day in the Life and A Day in the Life Revisited.

I have also posted Ihbat, an old, old story of mine also available on http://www.staylace.com. Be warned, unlike my usual stuff, this is TG.


20/05/18 – Various


Apologies don’t cut it I suppose but, yes, I know that almost a year has passed since I last added to this blog. In my defence, I’ve been busy, but even so, it’s not good enough. To make up, I’ve posted two fresh stories today, one, something I wrote back in 2004 called Bunnykins. Not the best thing I’ve ever written, but it would be a shame if it got lost completely. If anyone wishes to add to it and improve it, be my guest.

The second story is a brand-new one, finished last week and kindly edited and revised by Cafter Homme. It’s a sequel to A Day in the Life and is called A Day in the Life, Revisited.

Whilst we’re updating, I’ve recently come across an author who is a fan of mine and has written some excellent societal restriction stuff. Their name is Shmabahamoha and their blog is here. Personally, I recommend starting with A Dress of Gold and Diamonds or Travelling Corsetted but it’s all good.

And finally, more artwork. Sunspin99 has been inspired by my tales and has done some pictures of Emily Carter after she has been transformed into ‘Clarissa’ at the St. Werburgh’s Doll Academy. Enjoy!


Clarissa straight after her transformation
Clarissa in a monoglove
Clarissa with reverse-prayer arm bindings

06/07/17 – An Artist’s Masterpiece – More Artwork


Things have all gone quiet on here because they’re going nuts on my other site, Tales of the Veils. Basically, the old site went offline so I have the huge task of transferring hundreds of stories onto the new so that people can still read them. When that is finished, I’ll be back here.

In the meantime, as part of that process, I’ve come across a couple of stories by my late friend Bo_Emp that may not be published elsewhere. Therefore, I’ve put them on here. Check them out using the new Stories by Other Authors page.

By the way, Cafter has written a new tale that is very good. It can be found on the BenFanToyBox Yahoo! Group.


17/05/17 – An Artist’s Masterpiece – More Artwork


We’re honoured to have some more amazing artwork from robster4288 on the Benfanstoybox Yahoo! Group illustrating the tale I co-wrote with Cafter Home, An Artist’s Masterpiece. If you reread the tale you’ll find these images at the appropriate places in the storyline.

20/04/17 – An Artist’s Masterpiece Artwork


I’ve begun posting the second of the Cafter Homme-Dave Potter co-written tales today, Ascension in the East which I hope you all like. Our first offering, An Artist’s Masterpiece has proven to be one of the most popular tales yet and we’ve received loads of favourable comments. Thanks! Better than that though, robster4288 on the Benfanstoybox Yahoo! Group has done an amazing picture of the story’s heroine, Emily, in Book 3. Here it is, enjoy!


emily book 3

23/02/17 – Sir Henry’s Invitation


Sorry for the lack of updates but all my erotica time these days is being sucked up by the new Tales of the Veils.However, I have found time to write a short tale which combines both my veiling fetish with a nice dollop of bondage and some Victorian clothing. It would suit either this site or the other, but TOTV got it so here is the link to Sir Henry’s Invitation.

16/01/17 – Tales of the Veils


I’ve now set up a WordPress blog for Tales of the Veils. Here’s the address: https://talesoftheveils.wordpress.com/

08/01/17 – Tales of the Veils


It is, possibly, with some sadness that I write this message. For over a month now I have been sending stories and trying to get in touch with Bo_Emp, the webmaster of Tales of the Veils. Normally, he replies promptly but he has not contacted either myself or other online friends and we are aware that he has had health problems of late. Consequently, this is why Tales of the Veils has not been updated of late and, worst case scenario, will not be again (as we don’t know how to get into the site).

I would like TOTV to stay alive so I shall wait another month or so for news from him and, if there is none, I intend to either start up a TOTV blog on WordPress and publish stories there or find out how to edit the site. Any of you with computer knowledge know how to do this?

If any visitors to this site do have any veiling erotica they want publishing, please send it to the usual address and, when things are going again – in whatever form that might be – I shall publish them.


Dave Potter

18/09/16 – Lady of Leisure artwork

For some reason I forgot to add this to the blog even though it’s been up since February. Inspired by the story Alison Becomes A Lady of Leisure, Veterinarian has produced yet another brilliant piece of artwork on how he sees a Lady of Leisure, this time as a Valentine’s Day present for his viewers. He comments:

‘In hindsight: It would have been nicer if there would be her lover instead of her maid pulling the strings. And I like the heartshape they both are creating with their action. Well, next year.’


12/01/16 – Araksia image

Oscar took up the challenge of providing us with a photoshopped image for The Sad, Sad Tale of Araksia Manuelyan. Nice.


02/01/16 – Lady of Leisure artwork

Inspired by the story Alison Becomes A Lady of Leisure, Veterinarian has produced yet another brilliant piece of artwork on how he sees a Lady of Leisure, this time making an extra effort on the hairstyle and correct fashions. He comments:

‘Now, how about this one – this should be more accurate than the previous ones… Curses. I forgot the lead and the leash…!’


29/12/15 – Lady of Leisure artwork

Inspired by the story Alison Becomes A Lady of Leisure, Veterinarian has produced another brilliant piece of artwork on how he sees a Lady of Leisure. He comments:

‘How about this one – this shows the preparation of the young lady before donning the dress.

As it is the height of fashion for the ladies to wear exotic ointments on their insertables, the more invigorating ones – as well as with the retained enema solutions – may pose quite a challenge for the fashion-conscious ones.

The inflatable gag you described is both beautiful and handy if the husband encounters an urge…

I went with a drawn up nack corset, with an inflatable ball behind the teeth, so to keep the mouth aesthetically closed and the neck well-held…’


27/12/15 – Araksia

I am going to start posting on my blog all the tales that I have already published on LISA. This is because they fit with the theme of this site but also because for several years now I have not been able to get in touch with Tess Staylace, the webmaster at LISA. This is either because he is pointedly ignoring me or there is a glitch in the system. I hope that it is the latter as his site is wonderful. Anyway, today I have posted The Sad, Sad Tale of Araksia Manuelyan, one of my earliest pieces of erotica. It’s all about a beautiful Armenian girl, (and BTW, I have been to Armenia and they are very beautiful…), and so I thought it apt to photoshop a picture of the most famous beautiful Armenian of them all. But my photoshop skills are limited and so this is a cry for help: can anyone do any better or render Kim armless in some of the other outfits that Araksia is forced to wear? Would love it if you could…


27/12/15 – Lady of Leisure artwork

Inspired by the story Alison Becomes A Lady of Leisure, Veterinarian has produced this brilliant piece of artwork on how he sees a Lady of Leisure. More please!

BTW, I have more Ladies of Leisure stories in the process of being written. Please be patient, real life is getting in the way…


29/10/15 – Ladies of Leisure and Second Life

Thanks to Paolo for alerting me to these Second Life products inspired by my Lady of Leisure tales, The Tale of Anastasia, Doll Wife: The Tale of Charity Clayhanger and Alison Becomes a Lady of Leisure. They are made by “House of Alisha”. There is a wonderful “Armbinder Bride”

Apparently, you can see those creations only if you are registered on marketplace.secondlife.com. On the site it states:

“A ‘Lady of Leisure’ is one who is restricted from performing any type of work due to her restrictive clothing and hence is dependent on maids to assist her in most activities. One specific requirement is for her arms to be bound in reverse prayer almost permanently.”

For those in the know about Second Life, “House of Alisha” has some pretty interesting outfits which may inspire some of you. Here are a few examples:

Paolo comments: “Frankly I didn’t understand very much the controls of these outfits, I’m pretty ignorant about Second Life world, anyway it would be interesting to see some animations about ladies wearing such outfits!”
Can anyone with some Second Life experience help us here?

30/06/2013 – Peach artwork

KS has been inspired by my tale Peach to produce this piece of artwork. Thanks!

peach ks

27/06/2013 – Peach artwork

Sador has been inspired by my tale Peach to produce this piece of artwork. Thanks!

peach sador

13/01/2013 – Doll Wife artwork

Netishist has been inspired by my tale Doll Wife to produce this series of artworks. Wow! Not a direction that I would have taken but humbling to see how someone can be inspired to produce some quality work.


Netishist comments:

‘This is Clarissa few months later. My version is not a perfect picture of a “stage two” Clarissa. It’s only my fan-fiction version. The simple cotton dress is sprayed with rubberizing epoxy compound, making it more rigid and uncomfortable. Her tiny breasts are of course expanded some more with painful injections. Her corset is obviously cinched more, now around 15 inches. Her swan like neck is even longer than in beginning.

Maybe she will have some hope to find a husband, I know I would marry her this instant <3′


Netishist comments:

‘This is the way I would dress my own doll wife:

The dress is made of very rigid rubber, with faux-snake skin coloring.

Corset training has been a torment. Doll’s waist is inside a steel tube with 12″ diameter and it has few notches left to make her stem pipe waist longer.

The ballet boots are Doll Wife standards, maybe change them some day.

I didn’t like the freedom of the doll hands, or that monoglove armbinder I first tried on her, so I riveted steel rings on her arms, forced them into reverse prayer position and then the hot and rigid dress was cinched on her and the flap behind her glued permanently.

Doll has the urine drinking mechanism inside her doll skin (the pink part of her) but her mouth is still accessible. It’s easy to shut her mouth with inner mechanism that can hold her mouth open or shut. When opened, you can force something into her mouth, handles on her bonnet hat makes it easier, too.

Doll’s tits are marvellous! Longer and longer they grow with insertable steel rings stretching the flesh – and evil steel caps covering her nipples. They are held by small needles inside them and the piercings on the end of them.

That’s the way I’d order a wife for me.’


Netishist comments:

‘Some of the girls at the school for Doll Wife’s won’t adapt very well to their position.

There are many ways to recycle a useless Doll Wife. For example, there is a racing scene in southern Ukraine, where those un-fitting wives can become racers. What a sight it is to see around 40 dollies running around the track. Losing isn’t an enjoyable option for these girls, there are harsh punishments for that. Many teams recycle dollies who won’t manage to get enough points on their first year. Too reluctant to become a Dolly Wife and too clumsy or too slow to win races means that there aren’t many options left for those silly dollies. Many are sold to harems or booth slaves far away but many are also fixed permanently as a Toilet Dolly to racing tracks facilities.

Too proud or too smart girls aren’t usually good as Dolly Wives. Mostly ambitious girls are unwilling to become a mindless slave doll and ambition is a good thing in every sports. In the DRC (Doll Racing Championships) they can become true winners.

Here is the showroom card of British Doll Racing team’s #15, showing her details and studio shots and training on the private road in a remote location. Studio pictures show details of the standard fixing of a racer’s outfit. Wheel size is of course strictly standardized, as is heel height (13″) and waist size (12″). Also the stem-pipe styled waist is measured and it must be at least 5″ long. Number 15 of BDR has even longer stem waist, measuring 9 inches. She will get good sponsors with those numbers.

Welcome to enjoy the world’s most exotic sport in DRC events and ppv’s!’

If you like the look of his stuff, then check out this story: Mail Order Bride.