The Tale of Anastasia: Part 7

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Chapter 13

The next visit of the Duke of Norwich followed much the same format as the last, only this time he made more mention of Anne’s forthcoming enhancements and how he couldn’t wait to play with her ‘new melons’, kiss her ‘inflated lips’ or ‘paddle her balloon arse’. These comments however, were only to be expected, as the following week was when Anne was due to travel to London for her much-anticipated enhancements.

The night before the trip however, Anne got a pleasant surprise when Miss Simpson informed her that Miss Garner had arranged for Clare Hawkins to have her enhancements at the same time and for the two to travel down to London together. Furthermore, as a reward for their excellent behaviour and perseverance with their studies, the two would be allowed to share a bed in the London hotel on the night before the operations and share that night together in Anne’s bedroom. Ever since their first meeting the girls had been getting exceptionally close and often lay together for an hour or so on the bed of one or the other, but never before had they been allowed to spend a whole night in each others arms, (metaphorically, not literally of course). Naturally, with chastity belts and arms pinned behind them in monogloves, not to mention the bedtime pot masks, there was little chance of any sinful intimacy, but even so, it was a real delight to entwine their boot-clad legs around each other and breath in their feminine scents in the morning and for Anne the moment was made particularly special by the Duke of Norwich who chanced to be thinking of her as he awoke at seven in the morning and switched on her anal plug.

The journey down to London was by car which was tiring as it was an eight-hour trip and both Anne and Clare’s travelling dresses were most hot and cumbersome indeed. Furthermore, the thick veils on her bonnets prevented any real viewing of the passing scenery whilst the large black fleur de bouche in her mouth made speaking impossibility. Consequently it was eight hours of darkness and silence but neither girl minded much as their minds were full of what was to come and besides, ladies should not mind such things anyway.

They checked into the prestigious Cumberland Hotel, (where Anne was later to have her wedding reception), where they were engulfed by reporters from Society and the other magazines eager to discover who was in town now and quite what they were having done to them. The girls naturally, did not comment, (for they could not), and nor too did the maids, so the reporters had to be satisfied with their names alone and a couple of pictures of them in their extravagant purple fur-lined walking outfits. Immediately, they retired, were bathed and then stripped down to their corsets and monoglove and another night of feminine intimacy was enjoyed.

Anne recognised the South London Hospital for Women from her last stay there, (although of course, she mentioned that visit to no one), but this time things were much different. Now that she was a lady and secrecy was not the order of the day, she found herself greeted upon arrival by the Head Surgeon who ushered her through to his office and explained fully what enhancements were to be performed upon her body. Once again the calculator image was brought out and demonstrated to her but then the surgeon went into much further detail.

“What this screen does not show us, miss, is the actual shape that your new breasts will obtain – and I say ‘new’ because they will be just that, and quite unsuitable for the feeding of infants I am afraid. Now, please look at these two pictures here. The first shows the breasts of a lady whom is size 36DD naturally and the second is a lady whom I enhanced to that size, (she was quite humble beforehand). Now can you see the difference in the shape, miss?”

Anne could, but with her mouth full of fleur de bouche, she did naught but nod. She was however, quite shocked. The natural 36DD breasts were, well… natural. They dropped somewhat as did most large breast. The enhanced breasts however, stood firm and round, as round as footballs and looked very, very fake.

“The shape, miss, it is obviously artificial, and this is of great import. You see, the point to enhancements is not only that they will make you appear more feminine and thus attractive to your spouse, but also in that they display your wealth and status. It is not unknown for ladies already endowed with large breasts to have surgery whereby their size is not increased, only their shape. The beautiful breasts that you shall soon possess will be a symbol to all of your position in society. They will be much like those shown there except that your husband has requested larger nipples which shall be pierced as so so that they remain permanently erect and sensitive. The effects for you, miss, will be most noticeable I believe.”

‘Indeed,’ thought Anne.

“Now, moving onto the other enhancements ordered. Naturally your fiancé has ordered considerable buttock enhancements, known in the business as gluteal implants. Now, this will entail the implanting of these elastomer pads into your buttocks which will result in not only more curves at the back, but also wider hips. I must admit, I feel that the effects will be striking.”

The surgeon held up two gel-like implants that Anne realised would soon be inside her. The thought was not a comforting one, particularly as she had never desired a larger bottom and indeed, the fashion in Moskva was to try achieve as small a one as possible with girls often asking one another as they tried on a new pair of trousers or a dress, ‘Делает моя задница выглядит большой в этом?’1 Now hers definitely would whatever the clothing.

“Moving on, we have also the lips. Your fiancé has requested only minor injections of collagen to fill them out a little, though there will be other work done in that area as our piercer will be attending to your tongue. Whilst we are on that topic, piercings are also planned for your clitoris and of course, the nipple piercings will be equipped with rings as is standard.”

Piercings! Although she had had her ears done as a child, Anne had never considered getting anymore. But now her tongue (why??) and her clitoris!!! Having the latter done sounded most painful yet also somehow exciting. Knowing much more about English culture these days she guessed that it was something to do with sexual activities.

“And the other area, permanent fingernail extensions and eye lash extensions as standard, but the hair removal is a little more than normal. Your fiancé has requested permanent hair removal around all your genitalia and under the arms. You will experience a slight burning at first, but do not fear, it shall pass. Now, shall we get started, miss? Please, let your maid undress you….”

Hair removal, now that sounded scary! Still, what say did she have in it all. Even though it was her body, none at all. In fact, in a way she no longer even owned herself. Anne stood meekly as Perkins undressed her and the surgeon sunk a long needle into her thigh. Seconds later her whole world went black…

When Anne awoke, she ached all over. She was lain in a hospital bed ina white room, the only colour provided by a bowl of fruit and some flowers beside her. At first she felt weak and drowsy and so just lay there. Then Perkins lifted her up and she saw the bandages around her breasts and buttocks. Her lips and private area tingled and she could feel the piercings in her tongue and clitoris.

It was a week before the bandages were removed. When they were Anne was shocked. Her breasts and buttocks were bruised and discoloured. The nurse told her it was nothing to worry about and sure enough, with time the brusies did disappear and she was left with two heavy rounded breasts and an enormous rounded derriere. There were strange, unnatural additions to her body. Her new lips were strange too. When she sat it felt like she was sat on a pillow, when she opened her mouth it all felt inflated. The rings on her nipples fascinated her. She wished to touch them, and her clitoris too, which was now permanently aroused. The state of arousal made it difficult to sleep, difficult to do anything except imagine coupling with her new husband. Anne felt cheapened yet excited. Like so many things in her new life, the contradiction was overwhelming.

When another week had passed she was allowed out. Perkins dressed her in a new corset, (for the old one no longer fitted), and elaborate walking outfit, this time in dark grey. Outside the reporters were there again, eager to snap the newly-enhanced future Duchess of Norwich. Much as she didn’t want to, Anne felt sexy and seductive as she strode out to the car. She only wished that Clare were with her, but her enhancements had not been so extensive and she had already returned to Miss Garner’s. Anne expected to return straightaway, but to her surprise she was driven to a photographic studio and ordered to strip. This she did and then she was dressed in her old Red Army uniform. At first she wondered why but then she recalled her fiancé’s kinky request. She posed for photos in clothes that were now too small for her, her breasts bursting out of the top whilst her buttocks causing the seams of the trousers to stretch. When she saw the photos she was embarrassed. Gone was the brave heroine of the USSR and in her place a buxom bimbo parody of one. Anne felt cheapened yet still she somehow liked it. The dichotomy was excruciating.

Back at Miss Garner’s however, she soon put her new body into the back of her mind as the normal routine resumed. She discovered why her nipples were now ringed, (so that they could be attached to similar rings inside her dresses to stop her new breasts from popping out unannounced!), and why her tongue hah had a stud driven through it, (it enhances a male’s pleasure when serviced orally Miss Simpson explained). She was just about to explore this new function one Sunday after church when she was unexpectedly called into the Headmistress’ Office. Once in Miss Garner simply said, “Anne, sit down. I have something very serious to tell you…”

1 Does my bum look big in this?

Chapter 14

Miss Garner removed Anne’s fleur de bouche and then looked at her square in the eyes. “Anne, I shall be straight with you,” she said gravely. “We have a difficult situation, nay, a tragedy, here at the Institute. You are close with Miss Clare Hawkins, are you not?”

Anne nodded to confirm that she was.

“Miss Hawkins’ father shot himself this morning at his estate just outside of Stockport.”

Anne gasped involuntarily. “That’s awful!” she exclaimed, before realising that she had had no invitation to speak. Miss Garner however, did not chastise her.

“It is only the beginning, Anne. Mr. Hawkins shot himself because of debts, gambling debts. It transpires that he spent the entire twenty-four hours of yesterday at a gaming table in Buxton Spa. He lost his entire fortune; Clare is destitute.”

“Oh no! That’s… that’s unthinkable!”

“Unthinkable is the word, Anne, but alas for dear Clare, it is also true.”

“But what will become of her?”

“That my dear, is the unthinkable part. She cannot stay here as she has no money to pay for fees and she has no marriage prospects of course; her fiancé broke off as soon as he heard which is only understandable. Mr. Hawkins not only died penniless but had also accrued a great number of debts. No one will marry Clare as they would have to take on a portion of them. Her only option is… employment.”

“But she cannot, she is a Lady of Leisure!”

“She was a Lady of Leisure, Anne.”

“I understand Miss Garner, but what I meant is that, well… she can’t work ecause she doesn’t know how to; she has only been educated to be a lady.”

“If it were merely a question of education Anne, that would be workable, but it is more than that. Anne has been corseted to such an extreme that she has to be laced into those dimensions for her to survive; her muscles couldn’t cope with being unlaced these days, and laced so she is useless for any kind of work. Besides, her enhancements have been made…”

“Yes! Yes! And she is a naturally pretty girl too; surely some man would be glad to have her as a wife?!”

“Glad to have her perhaps, but not as a wife, not any man of means. You see, as I have just pointed out, her enhancements have already been made and that makes things far more difficult. Enhancements are a man’s stamp, his signature on a lady. She has already been stamped, claimed. No man would touch her, it is as if she is no longer a virgin!”

“But then what can she do?”

“There is but one course left to her, Anne, and it is a most loathsome one indeed. The House of the Enhanced Venus have already enquired. As you have already stated, she is naturally pretty and many men would be glad to have her. They are willing to pay off her late father’s debts… in exchange for control over her entire life…”

“The House of the Enhanced Venus! But surely… surely there is another option?!”

“Not unless someone agrees to marry her within the week, and as I have already said, that is a most distant possibility indeed.”

“But it is terrible, so terrible… she is such a good girl… she doesn’t deserve this…”

Fat tears were now rolling down Anne’s doll-like face. Miss Garner came over and wiped them away. “Anne, cease your weeping, you need to be strong. Clare has just been told and she is distraught. You need to be at her side, comforting her.”

Anne looked up at her headmistress. “You are right, I shall go there immediately; replace my fleur de bouche, please.”

Clare Hawkins was indeed distraught. She sat on a chair by her bed weeping uncontrollably, her maid dabbing at the tears every few second, doing the job that her own useless, bound arms could not. When Anne entered she came over to her friend and pressed her face against Clare’s. Oh how she would have loved to have been able to put her arm around her as well! Still, Miss Garner had allowed her to be sans fleur de bouche and so she whispered in her ear, “Everything will be alright, Clare, all will be fine.” Clare however, was not thinking of the future, instead only her dead father and lonely mother came into her mind. “Lord Jesus protect her and welcome him into Heaven!” she just repeated, over and over again. Anne kissed away her friend’s tears and Clare smiled. Even the thoughts of her fiancé and the commencement of the vibration of her anal plug could not disturb the warmth and tragedy of the moment.

Anne was prepared to stay with Clare all day for it was clear that the girl needed her and valued her company, but within thirty minutes Perkins came into the room and hoisted her out of her chair. “Miss, it is time to go, let me put in your fleur de bouche.”

“Go! I cannot go, Perkins, I am needed here!”

“But Miss, you are needed at Capt. Hope’s house; it is time for your visiting!”

Anne however, was in no mood to be pleasuring the old seaman at that particular time. “I shall not go Perkins, I stay here today.”

“But Miss, you shall, it is ordered!” Then the maid harshly shoved in the fleur de bouche and stood her charge up on her heels.

“Mmmpf! Mmmpf!” said Anne, shaking her head vigorously and resisting the efforts of the maid.

“You must, Miss!” reaffirmed Perkins harshly.

“Go sweet Anne,” said Clare, “but hurry back to my side afterwards!”

And so having no choice, Anne minced miserably away.

At Capt. Hope’s Anne decided to put on a brave face and push her friend’s woes to the back of her mind. Perkins left, her fleur de bouche was removed, and she knelt down and began to administer to the old man. At first her was most complimentary about the effects of her new tongue stud and began to suggest ways in which to maximise its potential, but alas, Clare’s woes began to push themselves to the forefront of her mind and before she knew it she was weeping uncontrollably into the seaman’s crotch. When he noticed, he pulled her away, sat her on his knee and asked her what was the matter.

“It is nothing, sir,” she replied.

“Nay lass, it is something. We have known each other for some time now and I know you to be an excellent pupil, not easily put off your studies by worldly woes. For you to be crying into my pants must mean that something terrible has occurred.”

And so, before she even realised it herself, the whole story was flooding out; the suicide, the gambling, and then the House of the Enhanced Venus. At the end Capt. Hope looked away in the distance as if lost in thought and said quietly, “I can see why you were distracted Anne, for ‘tis a terrible tale indeed, terrible and cruel. Well, there shall be no lessons for today, for you are in no state to heed them, so instead I shall return you to Miss Garner’s – for your maid is not due to return for a good hour yet – where you can attend to the needs of your friend. Come now girl, you have a duty to fulfil as a ministering angel…”

Anne would have thrown her arms around that old man if she could have done! What a kindly soul he was!

The rest of that day and night was spent comforting her friend and providing a modicum of solace in a dark and uncaring world. In the early hours of the morning they fell asleep side by side on the bed, but morning came round again to remind them of their woes. Clare sought hard to be strong, but it was a front and both trembled when she was called to Miss Garner’s office that morning, for it could mean only one thing.

With Clare absent Anne elected to stay in the room and wait, praying to God that her friend may be spared somehow. The minutes ticked by slowly and as each passed the weight of Clare’s fate pressed down further on Anne. Then, after some ten minutes or so, Perkins entered the room. “You are to see the headmistress, Miss,” she announced. Wearily, Anne stood, allowed Perkins to fill her mouth with the fleur de bouche, and minced down the corridor to the office.

Once inside though, she saw something that she had not anticipated. It was a Clare Hawkins with a broad smile on her empty mouth. “Anne! Anne!” she cried, “I am saved!” Anne looked quizzically at the headmistress.

“It is true, and you have helped to save her!” declared Miss Garner.

Her?! But how? Through her prayers? Surely not!

“You confided in Capt. Hope of Clare’s woes and he came here to see me. He asked to see photographs of the girl and then offered to marry her on the spot; her father’s debts and all. Said that since he hadn’t long left in this world, he could use that time to do a little good and help an innocent soul. Yes indeed, Anne, Clare is saved!”

Overjoyed the two girls minced over to each other and pressed their faces together, tears streaming down them and mingling. This time though, the tears were of happiness, not misery.

“Excuse me ladies,” interjected the headmistress, “but I am afraid that all the news is not so good.” Both girls moved away from each other and turned to face their teacher. “Anne here has disgraced herself immeasurably; first in refusing her orders to go to Capt. Hope’s and secondly in failing to complete her studies at his house. Now I appreciate that circumstances were extreme, but rules are rules and so I am afraid that a punishment is in order.”

Miss Garner’s eyes however, were not angry as she said those words and besides, with Clare saved; she knew that she could face any punishment on earth…

Links to all parts of the story:

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Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

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