Alison becomes a Lady of Leisure: Chapter 8

Chapter 7

Chapter 8 – Life as a Lady of Leisure

That evening at dinner, Sam was most attentive of both his wife and her sister and also the new governess who dined with them as is the custom. Afterwards, they retired to the drawing room and chatted until at around eight he decreed that they all should be heading for bed. Alison went up the stairs and Natalie stripped her of her clothes and then massaged her arms before leading her into the bathroom which was equipped only with a shower. In there she had her arms attached to a chain hanging from the ceiling and then the maid turned the water on until she was wet and then rubbed soap all over her. Then, to her astonishment, after being rinsed, she was dried and waxing strips were brought out. They were placed on her legs and around her most intimate areas. When they were ripped off the pain was excruciating but Alison had to admit that the results, once the redness had subsided, were worth it.

Her arms were then restrained again, this time in a simple binder that kept them behind her back, wrist to elbow and her night corset was fitted. This was shorter than her day one and left her breasts free. Natalie made some comment about their small size, (although Alison had always considered them to be nicely shaped and quite standard), and having a word with her husband and then left. Very soon afterwards Sam came, eager to enjoy his wife. He was most excited by her tightly-laced middle and bound arms and even more so when she described some of the training that she had been undertaking, demonstrating the plug in her bottom. He agreed that it was still too tight now but would be excited to try this new form of congress later on. Then, she knelt before him, took his member in her mouth and pleasured him orally as she had done with Miss Everdeen’s rubber replica. Sam grew greatly excited by this and by the end was holding her face to his crotch so that she could hardly breathe before exploding into the back of her throat. The taste was salty and quite disgusting, but Miss Everdeen had warned her of this and told her that it would be most remiss to do anything but swallow the seed. Certainly, despite the fact that she felt like retching, this seemed to please Sam all the more and before long they were at it again, only this time in a more conventional fashion. Finally they relaxed and talked, he expressing his joy at their new high-status lifestyle and also the fact that Stephen Williamson seemed to be most attracted to Katie.

The next day followed the last in so many ways. After waking, (when Alison provided Sam with a wake-up pleasuring as recommended by Miss Everdeen), her arms were released and massaged, she underwent an enema and then a shower. Then there was a paltry breakfast of yoghurt which filled her completely after a couple of bites, and then the dreaded reverse prayer training again. This lasted until lunch when she met with Katie who was most indignant about the chastity belt, (and Miss Everdeen didn’t look over the moon either), before more reverse prayer training. Nonetheless, by then she had reduced the gap between her elbows to six inches and her waist was 21. This would be a long slog but she was moving forward.

That afternoon, unlike the day before, there was no session with Miss Everdeen who, after all, was paid to educate Katie and not Alison, but Natalie did provide a pleasant surprise in the form of the imitation rubber penis which she carefully inserted into her mistress’ front hole with the words, “Pleasure is not just for the men.” Then she was left, this time with Beethoven, her chair positioned so that she could look out over the manicured grounds of Mostyn House.

And as she sat there she thought. Thought about just how much her life had changed over the previous three months. Only a short time ago she would have been at the tearooms, serving cake and coffee to customers, a lowly waitress it is true, but paying her own way in the world and with every kind of freedom imaginable save financial. Now what was she? Elegant, fragile, helpless and highly exalted in a society that honours such things. She could do nothing for herself and her waist, neck, feet and arms constantly reminded her of her new status. So too did her bottom and front hole… but in a most different way. Back then she thought about paying the bills, putting food on the table and the well-being and future of Katie. Now what did she think about? Certainly none of those things for the bills were paid, she couldn’t even eat the food that was given to her and Katie’s future was brighter than it had ever been – why, the way things were going and she could end up the spouse of the heir to Williamsons’; at the very worse she could find employment as a companion for a Lady of Leisure a role which, given the rumours that surround such companions, Alison was sure that Katie would be cut out for.

So, if not thinking of those things, what thoughts did fill her mind? She sat and felt the intrusions in her crotch and bottom and grew moist and her mind drifted to the bedroom. That was it: sex! All she thought about now was sex! Her mind was occupied with it all day long for there was nothing else to occupy it save the miserable thought of pain associated with her restrictions. That was what Ladies of Leisure thrived on: pain and sex! She spent all her day imagining what would happen when Sam came home… or on her next visit to Laydon’s. Was that healthy? Healthy or not, it was her reality. But the frustrating part was that, unlike before, she could think of sex all day, but she was powerless to do anything about it. How she would have liked to sneak her fingers down there and wriggle those plugs about or caress her beauty bud. Or what about have Natalie do it… or Miss Everdeen? Yet whilst she could think about it, she could achieve nothing; orgasm was what she dreamt about but could not bring on. She sighed deeply and tried to think of something else, but what else was there? The tightness of her stays? The next gown she would buy? How her arms would look when she finally achieved reverse prayer? She brought up an image in her mind’s eye of Hope Williamson and her elegant reverse prayer yet soon that image transformed into something else. Rather than sitting in the drawing room, she had Hope had minced upstairs and were lying on the bed. Their gowns had, somehow, been removed and they were naked save for their corsets and arm bondage. Hope put her face to her crotch and she to Hope’s and then she began licking. As she imagined she felt the plug in her bottom and the other in her love tunnel and her breasts began to heave. Then the world went black and the next thing she knew was Natalie and one of the maids bringing her round with smelling salts.

“What on earth are they turning me into?” she whispered to herself in horror after they had left.

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Alison becomes a Lady of Leisure: Chapter 7

Chapter 6

Chapter 7 – Receiving an Education

Natalie returned just before twelve when she released her mistress’ arms and started to massage them backwards and forwards so that the blood could flow freely again. “This is necessary ma’am,” she explained, “to stop atrophying. I massaged Miss Hope’s arms three or four times daily.” Then, just as they were beginning to feel normal again, a monoglove was produced and they were laced into it straight away. Prior to that morning, Alison had hated her monoglove with a passion but, after the ordeal of reverse prayer training, it felt almost like a blessing.

She was then dressed in her day dress of deep turquoise covered with floral embroidery with an underskirt of black and fawn stripes. The monoglove had a cover of turquoise which matched it exactly and thus suitably attired, she minced down to lunch.

Lunch was a small plate of cucumber sandwiches washed down with sparkling Buxton water. As Sam was at the mill, only Alison and Katie were present. Her sister, of course, had not yet gone shopping for Lady of Leisure gowns and so was wearing one of her usual day dresses but with a white leather monoglove laced over her arms. She smiled when her sister minced in and they both sat down to eat.

Both sisters were full after nibbling only one of the four sandwiches provided and then, after the serving maid had held up their water to drink, they retired to the ladies’ sitting room to relax, as much as one could in such restrictive attire. Unlike Alison, Katie was, predictably, most pleased with developments. “Yes, I’ll admit that the training for the reverse prayer position is gruelling and I do admit to crying out on several occasions, but don’t you think that it is worth it to appear so absolutely elegantly helpless?”

“No I do not!” retorted her elder sister.

“Oh Alice, you are such a bore! You’re a real lady now, lucky thing, and you really should start acting like one! Oh how I wish I was in your position; I wonder if I shall ever find a man who can keep me in such a wonderfully elegant and fragile state. I do so hope I can complete my training and acquire a new dress that is suitable before we visit the Williamsons at home again.”

“And why is that?”

“Because I wish for Master Stephen only to see me in such a state.”

“Aha! So you have your eye on him now, do you?”

“Of course I do, silly! He’s so dashing and witty… and so rich!”

Following an hour of relaxing and digestion, both ladies again returned to their bedrooms where their gowns and monogloves were removed and the reverse prayer training begun again. It was no less painful this time, although Natalie did announce that she had managed to reduce the gap by three tenths of an inch.

Just as she was about to fit the gag, Alison asked if they could talk. She’d realised that she would get the most out of things if she did not appear so obstructionist and to do this, she needed to talk.

“My sister, Natalie, what is her regime to be?”

“Why, the same as yours ma’am, though whilst you are allowed to relax, she is receiving lessons.”

“Indeed, and on what?”

“Well, I am unsure exactly as that is the domain of Miss Everdeen.”

“I understand. Well, once you have prepared me fully, instead of relaxation, I should like you to bring Miss Everdeen here to me. I wish to discuss Katie’s syllabus with her. My sister is excused from lessons this afternoon and she may listen to Holst instead.”

“As you wish, ma’am.”

As she had decreed, Miss Everdeen was brought to her shortly. Alison looked at the buxom temptress before her and wondered. “Please explain Katie’s syllabus to me,” she commanded.

“Well ma’am, this morning I assessed her learning so far. She does not appear to be particularly academic it is true but she has a good grounding in crafts and domestic duties, though for a Lady of Leisure, these are not essential. She is entirely untutored however, on the art of serving a spouse.”

“That is because she is a virgin, Miss Everdeen.”

“Indeed ma’am, as are Miss Hope and Miss Chastity, but there is still much that can be taught without compromising that sacred position. The education of Ladies of Leisure which I am trained and experienced in focusses largely on being cultured and ladylike and serving one’s husband. You see ma’am, whilst outwardly all Ladies of Leisure observe strict decorum, inside they are taught to bring their men to ecstasy. We shall be looking at oral pleasuring in the coming weeks and also enlarging her rectum…”

“The thought!”

“Ma’am, this is the norm for Ladies of Leisure. Inserting pessaries and plugs began at an early age for both Miss Hope and Miss Chastity so that their husband may take pleasure there later and now that Miss Hope is engaged, she wears a replica of her fiancé’s member in her bottom hole at all times: it is the traditional engagement gift.”

These words shocked Alison yet also made certain things make sense. The episode at Laydon’s which had left a deep impression on her mind, she now saw as part of a general scheme of sexual initiation. She recalled being brought to ecstatic climax there and shuddered in pleasure.

“Yes, I understand this but I am concerned that Miss Katherine will come to enjoy sexual episodes too much – she is a highly-strung young lady you see – and this may lead her to seek them elsewhere, through masturbation perhaps…?”

“But how can she with her arms restrained at all times?”

“In bed?”

“No fears there, ma’am, Miss Simpson has already outlined the strict nightly routine that she has in mind for Katie.”

“Good, then make it strict! But what if she were to tempt servants… or young men?”

“Well, many maidens wear a chastity belt. Miss Hope nor Miss Chastity ever did but they were ever watched…”

“…and neither of them is as likely to turn into a wanton as Miss Katherine is. No, if you are to educate her in such a fashion, I demand that she wear a chastity belt at all times; one that prevents any sexual gratification whatsoever.”

“Yes ma’am, I see. I shall send Miss Braithwaite out to purchase one.”

“Do it immediately! Now, I, like my sister, have also suffered from a lack of education in pleasuring a spouse and so this afternoon, I should like you to teach me a little, in order that I may understand her course of study all the better if you understand me.” The two ladies looked at one another. Miss Everdeen certainly did understand her.

So it was that, that particular afternoon, whilst her arms were on fire, time passed more enjoyably than in the morning. Her skirts were hitched up and a plug inserted into her rectum. It was painful at first, getting it past the sphincter muscles, and Alison did feel kind of bloated and full, but she had to admit that there was a kind of pleasure and excitement to it and Miss Everdeen assured her that, if she followed a proper course of stretching, then accommodating her husband’s member there would not be a problem and could become quite pleasurable indeed.

Then Alison knelt by the bed and the governess divested herself of her dress and produced a strange belt which she fitted around her hips. On the front of the belt was a large, rubber replica of a male penis. Alison had never serviced Sam in this fashion before, (although he had asked her to on their honeymoon), and found it most strange when the governess started to thrust it in and out of her ungagged mouth, giving advice and criticism on her performance. She wasn’t sure if she enjoyed it but she was sure that Sam would. Whatever the case, it was better than sitting there immobile, listening to a gramophone record.

Around five Miss Everdeen left and Miss Simpson returned. To her surprise, she asked Alison if she was feeling full below and when Alison mentioned the plug she stated that she was not referring to that but instead needing the toilet. Alison had used the toilet early in the morning back in her old home and she had to admit that she was close to needing it again. “Indeed ma’am, I thought as much,” said Natalie. “The normal routine shall be first thing in the morning and then last thing at night, but sometimes an afternoon session may also be necessary.” Alison wondered what she meant but when she saw a rubber mat being laid out and bottle with tubes being wheeled out on a trolley then she realised. Hadn’t the assistant at Laydon’s said that enemas were the norm for Ladies of Leisure? “Shall I be receiving enemas everyday or just occasionally?” she asked.

“Oh yes, ma’am, everyday. There is no toilet for females in this house.”

“I see. And what about rectal stretching. As you can see, I have discussed this with Miss Everdeen and have been plugged this afternoon.”

“It can be arranged ma’am. I have a set of plugs for the purpose. They start with a one inch circumference like the one that you have just worn and increase by half-inch intervals up to three inches. Two inches though is usually sufficient.”

And so, after she was flushed out internally this time, (the experience was far less pleasurable than at Laydon’s as only standard cleansing fluids were used), a one-inch plug was inserted into her and she was laced into her monoglove and day dress again ready for dinner. Before Natalie gagged her however, Alison had one more instruction. “Natalie, I have insisted that my sister wears a chastity belt at all times. Can you ensure that I have the key the moment that it is locked on and what is more, in solidarity and for her own good, I demand that Miss Everdeen wears one as well.”

Chapter 8

Alison becomes a Lady of Leisure: Chapter 6

Chapter 5

Chapter 6 – A New House… and Maid

Alison was surprised to learn from her husband on the journey home from the Williamsons’ that they would be moving into Mostyn House that Wednesday. She’d assumed – or perhaps hoped – that it would take weeks and possibly even months to arrange it but no, the house was empty and everything was in place and so, on Wednesday, a van came to take all their belongings and she moved home and up in the world.

Moving house however, was not the biggest change in her life that day.

As soon as she entered the door, not clad in a monoglove it must be said, a figure in black and white came up to her. “I am Natalie Simpson, your new maid,” said the lady. “I formerly served Miss Hope Williamson and you shall be pleased to learn that I am very experienced. And this, “she added, gesturing to another tightly-laced and black and white clad figure, “is Hilda Braithwaite, my apprentice, who shall be serving as maid to your sister, Miss Katherine.”

“Oh, Katherine does not require a maid as she still has several months of school to finish.”

“No Ma’am, I have received orders from your husband that Miss Katherine is to finish school today as Mr. Williamson has kindly provided the services of Miss Everdeen here who was formerly governess to both Miss Hope and Miss Chastity.” Alison looked across. She’d always imagined governesses to be plain, stern figures, but Miss Everdeen looked more like a fashion model with large heaving breasts and a doll-like face. She wondered if Uriah Williamson had hired her for her educational assets alone and was not impressed at having to accommodate this new stranger under her roof. Katie, on the other hand, looked overjoyed.

After they had entered and eaten lunch, the ladies retired to their quarters where their maids awaited. Immediately Natalie got to work in stripping Alison down to her undergarments and then, to her dismay, she led her charge over to a trapeze hanging from the roof. Alison had read enough stories of high society to recognise a lacing bar when she saw one. “Is this really necessary?” she asked indignantly?”

“If we are to get you down to 15 inches, then yes, for we shall never do it otherwise.”

“Natalie, 15 inches is quite beyond me. I doubt I shall get below 21!”

“Without the lacing bar, no, you shan’t. With it – and my mentoring – I hope that 15 can be seen as a maximum, not a minimum. Yes, I know that you suffer from a lack of tightlacing in your teenage years, but your body is pliable and lost ground can be made up I am sure.”

And before she knew it, Alison’s wrists had been fastened to the bar and it had been raised into the air so that she was stood on her tiptoes.

That initial lacing caused Alison to pass out. When Natalie revived her with smelling salts, she announced that they were at 22 inches. Then Natalie laced  a pair of boots onto Alison’s feet. They were ankle height and had horrific heels a full 4 inches in height. She was about to comment on this when Natalie said, “Of course, these are only the first step and really you shouldn’t be leaving the house on anything less than en pointe but those will take a few weeks to work up to and get used to.” After this she fitted a leather collar around her charge’s neck over the neck corset.

Alison was then released and the dizziness hit her again as the pressure increased on her waist. She was led over to a stool where she sat and Natalie took her arms. To her surprise, instead of forcing them into a monoglove as expected, she merely manoeuvred them behind her back and fastened a pair of handcuffs around the wrists. Then she took the handcuffs and attached them to the neck collar by a chain. This was neither painful nor particularly irksome, at least in comparison with the monoglove, but then the problems began. Using a sort of ratchet, the maid began shortening the chain so that her bound wrists crept slowly up her back. “What on earth are you doing?” she protested as the discomfort grew.

“Training you for reverse prayer, ma’am,” came the reply.

“Reverse prayer! What on earth? You must cease immediately! This whole Lady of Leisure nonsense I have so far accepted with good grace, but reverse prayer is one step too far! Desist this minute!”

But Natalie did not desist. Instead she kept ratcheting the chain.

“Desist I tell you! Stop!”

“Ma’am, I am sorry but I cannot. This is directly on the orders of your husband. However, he did say that you might create problems and so I have been told to gag you. Sorry, but I cannot disobey orders!” And with those words, she fastened the gag around her mistress’ head and inflated it. Only muffled groans could be heard.

And these increased as the ratcheting continued for the pain was now excruciating. As they filled the gag, Natalie stroked her charge’s face and said, “Ma’am, I know that this is difficult for you, particularly approaching it late in life and without schooling in these matters. It is hard for all girls, but particularly you. However, to become a true Lady of Leisure, reverse prayer is these days necessary. How I wish we were back in the days of folded arms in gigot sleeves, being a lady’s maid must have been so much simpler then! This process will take a while but it shall be worth it in the end for no restriction is more complete nor more elegant than reverse prayer, although wearing it for longer periods is to be avoided. After your training, the regime I have mapped out is that you wear it whenever leaving the house and every afternoon for several hours when receiving visitors. For the rest of the time a nice relaxing monoglove shall suffice. This is exactly the regime that the Williamsons follow and, I believe, that your sister shall also be undertaking. Now, today I am going to ratchet this chain so that your hands can touch the back of your neck like so. Yes, well done, we are there now. So, the first part done already and that wasn’t so bad was it? I shall leave you for a few minutes to check on Miss Katherine and Hilda, but I shall return in a minute. Would you like some tea fetching?”

Tears in her eyes, Alison nodded slowly. Not so bad? It was worse than anything that she had ever experienced! Her arms were on fire, particularly the elbows and shoulder joints and she knew that it would get worse. Add to that her pinched toes, constricted neck and trammelled waist and she felt terrible. And what was more, it would only get worse!

Natalie left and didn’t return until a full fifteen minutes had passed. Alison knew this as she had nothing else to do but stare at the clock. The maid returned with tea and she removed the gag and fed it to her mistress. Then, after a few sips, the gag was replaced and the torture continued. More cuffs were fastened, this time just above her elbows, and a chain attached between them. This was then ratcheted shorter, bringing the elbows closer. If the pain before was bad, this was out of this world and tears flowed down Alison’s face as she screamed into the gag. However, after only a couple of ratchets, Natalie stopped. “This is the hardest bit ma’am, and we must do it slowly. That is enough for today; we shall reduce it a little more tomorrow. Now you must relax and let your body accustom itself to the restraint. The arrangement is far from elegant at present and shall not be until the training is complete, so you shall be confined to your room until it is completed. Everyday we shall do this between 9 and 12 and then again, should there be no visitors, from 1 till 4. Now, I am required no longer, so I shall leave you but Hilda will pop in regularly to check that you are alright. Your tea I am putting into this small flask here which I shall fasten around your neck. There is a tube in this gag which I shall attach to the flask so you may suck it out as you wish. I shall also put on a gramophone record for your amusement. Good day ma’am, and well done!”

And with that she was left alone, in agony and immobile with nothing to do save for suck tea through a tube and listen to Holst’s Planets Suite tinkle in the background.

Chapter 7

Alison becomes a Lady of Leisure: Chapter 5

Chapter 4

Chapter 5 – Miss Katherine Knight

Katherine Knight is the one character in this tale whom I have not yet properly introduced and so it is only apt that I rectify that omission now. When this story starts she is sixteen years old, a full five years younger than her sister Alison. She has not had, in recent years at least, an easy life. First there was her father’s death in an accident at work and then, only two years later, her mother succumbed to meningitis quite suddenly and unexpectedly. Aged thirteen, when a young lady is at her most vulnerable, she was left alone in the world with only a sister to protect her.

Despite all of that trauma, look in her face and you would never guess it. Katie is always smiling and her smile is a winning one. It is complimented by her sparkling cornflower blue eyes and framed by her curly golden locks. In short, she is an attractive young later who, in the last year has just begun to realise just how beautiful she is and what power that beauty can wield, particularly with regards to the male half of the population. And now, schooling drawing to a close, she is ready to unleash that power onto the unsuspecting world with no obstacle to stop her.

Well, almost no obstacle. Between her and all her hopes and dreams, (she imagines), stands a solitary figure: Alison. Just as Alison does not share her sister’s hair colour, nor too does she share her character. Katie sees Alison as boring and stick-in-the-mud. She is so serious and so dull. Which would explain why she married the unbelievably dull Samuel Withenshaw and settled down to an unbelievably dull life as the wife of that grey blur of a clerk. Well, unbelievably dull until the last week or two. Then it became clear that whilst she might see Sam as a bore, others saw him as a man with potential and with that potential comes wealth and influence. She was overjoyed when she learnt about his promotion and even happier when she was told all about the efforts of the Williamson ladies to transform her plain Jane sister into a Lady of Leisure. She was pleased because she knew that Alison, who had never had much interest in fashion, beauty or society, would hate it, but she was even more pleased because she considered that it may be her ticket into that exclusive and oh-so-elegant world. Thus it was that, when informed that she would be accompanying Alison and Sam to the Williamsons’ that Saturday, she was absolutely over the moon.

The day began early with her sister waking at six ready to be prepared for the visit in time. Katie loved acting the part of her maid, lacing her sister into her stays so fiercely that she complained and protested. Partly she enjoyed seeing Alison in discomfort but partly she also dreamt that it was her who was being prepared in this fashion. One day maybe…?

After an initial lacing which brought Alison down to 27 inches, she fitted the neck corset and began to style her sister’s hair. She parted it down the middle, then did some elaborate braiding at the rear whilst finishing it off with a row of ringlets at the front. Then, to set off her eyes, she decorated it with cornflowers. After that came the neck corset, another enjoyable experience which caused more groaning and gasping and then another bout of lacing which brought her down to 25½ inches. Then came the make-up which was thicker than Alison would have liked but she was now too weak to protest, before the fitting of the boots with their three-inch heels. Finally the corset was brought down to 24 inches and the awesome monoglove fitted. Like in the shop, Alison started off meekly but then began to complain loudly and bitterly when the lacing started to force her elbows closer together and the pain increased. “Oh, I can’t be having this, sis,” said Katie grinning to herself and she got out the gag, fitted it in her unwilling sister’s mouth and inflated it. The she returned to the monoglove which she proceeded to lace much tighter than the shop had done, causing her sister to howl noiselessly in pain. Then came the dress which was smoothed and buttoned on and even Alison, despite being furious with her sister and in no considerable discomfort, had to admit that she looked good.

Katie then turned her attentions to her own dressing. She would dearly have loved to lace down to the same size as her sister but such reductions were impossible with her current stays and without the assistance of a maid. Nonetheless, she got down to 28 inches which pleased her enormously, and then she did her make-up in a doll-like style which her sister would have objected to if she could, (for Alison considered such styles provocative), braided her own hair as best she could and finally, put her best dress on, a glorious creation in blue and white pinstripe which she had saved up all her money to buy. Then, attaching summer hats to her sister’s and her won heads, they were declared finished and at a quarter to ten they were ready for the train.

When Sam saw them he nodded in appreciation. “Alison, as always you are a picture but today, like on Wednesday, you are gorgeous, but Katie, you really look good today too; I love what you have done with your face and hair, it is more attractive than usual.”

“It is my favourite style, Sam, but Alice normally objects to it. She says that it does not become a lady of my age.” At these words Alison scowled at her sister with her eyes to which Katie stuck her tongue out unseen by Sam. Her husband however, merely replied, “Alice, your sense of beauty is lacking at times; you must give Katie more freedom in such matters in the future! Now, come on, we must be off!”

Lunch that Saturday brought out joyful feelings in almost all those present. Hope and Chastity were most happy. They took to Katie just as easily as they had to Alice and found a new ally in her in talking about fashion and how to transform their new friend into a Lady of Leisure. Emma Williamson too was happy; she really valued Alison’s company and was pleased to see her endeavouring to become a Lady of Leisure. Of course she lacked the training and breeding, but her will was there it was clear and the improvement in her status was only good for the company. Those thoughts were shared by Uriah who was more impressed with both Alison and Samuel Withenshaw every time that he met them and was seeing more and more clearly that the future of Williamsons’ lay with this bright and eager young man. The fact is that he would pass the mill onto his son, Stephen, as planned and Stephen had many positive qualities, not least the knack of charming anyone he came across, but he was unsuited to the nitty gritty of business and would always be better more as a figurehead. Sam however, could do some of the real work as Stephen’s deputy and with them as a winning team, he, Uriah Williamson, could rest easy in his grave when that time came.

It was for those reasons that Stephen was also present that day. He had initially been unsure when he had heard his father raving about this promising young manager yet when they met he could see the potential that his father also saw and he knew that they could work well together.

Sam’s potential however, was not the only thing that Stephen saw that day. Over lunch he also saw Miss Katherine Knight and that day his eyes saw little else. Alison was beautiful but Katie was something else, and when they strolled in the garden together, he learnt that her heart was equal to her looks.

Katie was overjoyed. She was overjoyed by how large the house was and how wealthy the Williamsons were; by how friendly they all were to her; by comments they made about dressing her like her sister and a shopping trip the coming week, but most of all, she was overjoyed about Stephen Williamson whom she considered to be quite the most dashing young man she had ever met.

So, all were happy that day. Well, almost all. Alison alone was far from in bliss. Sat there immobilised, her mouth forced open by a gag, her neck stretched, feeling weak from an overtightened corset and her arms dead from the excruciating position that they had been laced into, she could only watch with horror as her as her scheming little hussy of a sister wound Stephen Williamson around her little finger and all those who surrounded her talked happily about increasing her restriction and elegant helplessness all the more. Could it get any worse?’ she thought to herself as the afternoon started to draw to a close, when she heard her sister relating in whispers to the Williamson daughters the story of how Sam had fetched the dog lead and chained her up like a puppy. Oh the shame! Oh the embarrassment! And worse than that, oh the reaction!

“So, your husband likes leashes does he?” announced Emma Williamson. “Well, he is not alone; so does Uriah and many more men of society. Both the girls and myself have them made with his name engraved on the collar just in case we get lost. However, I do have a spare one that is merely decorated. I shall present it to you as a gift until you can buy an engraved one of your own next time we go shopping.”

And so on the journey home by train, now she had to suffer the added indignity of Sam leading her about on a dainty silver leash fastened to a beautifully-engraved silver collar.

Chapter 6