Alison becomes a Lady of Leisure: Chapter 14

Chapter 13

Chapter 14 – Happily Ever After

A month after their return from London, Katie walked down the aisle with Sam at St. Mary’s Church, Bowdon and became the new Mrs. Stephen Williamson. It was the social event of the year as Stephen was the heir to one of the biggest cotton concerns in the country and she was the perfect bride, with an awe-inspiring waist, elegance and grace and a face that could have graced fashion magazines. Following the wedding they went away on honeymoon to the South of France and when they returned they moved into a newly-built mansion near to Stockport.

Their marital home was the talk of all society as it was designed by a top architect and featured all the fashionable touches. There was a pool like at the spa where Mrs. Williamson could relax and a sauna, (the hot room of wood), but whilst not there she had an entire wing to herself which was fitted with a new invention gaining in popularity amongst fashionable circles.

With the reverse prayer being de rigeur now amongst the great and the good, it was hard to see how much further ladies could go to demonstrate their wealth and elegance, until Princess Beatrice, about tenth in line to the throne, had a sort of slide rail system fitted to her quarters. This was like a railway laid around the ceiling to which a wire was attached which was then secured to the Lady of Leisure. The idea was initially that it prevented her from falling and hurting herself as she walked, (being unable to put out their arms to cushion a fall, several Ladies of Leisure had seriously hurt themselves), but then developed into yet another means of fashionable and elegant restraint. The idea was that a husband could decree which areas his wife, (or daughter), may or may not venture and also, using electronic programming, could also set pre-arranged routes. So for example, a father feeling that his teenage daughter was growing too fat, could programme that the wire force her to walk around the room continually for an hour or more in order to lose weight. Naturally, such a device was something that Katie was not going to be without.

To her surprise though, soon afterwards, Alison discovered one being fitted to her quarters. Sam had seen the one that Stephen designed and decided that his wife would not have less than her sister. So now her movements were even more restricted and, whenever he needed her presence to relieve his tensions orally, she would find herself being led into his study by the silent, uncaring wire. Her own thoughts and wants were now meaningless.

And so there we find her, sat in her chair in her retiring room, staring out across the lawn upon which rain is lashing down. The music on the gramophone has finished but Natalie has not been in to replace it. She sees less and less of Natalie these days who does not need to worry if her mistress is safe now that there is the slide wire and also a camera so she can check upon her. If gossip is to be believed, her lady’s maid spends her time playing cards and carrying on an illicit liaison with the head gardener.

With nothing else to do, she occupies her mind with thoughts on just how her life has changed over the past year. She realises that this was the day, exactly one year before when Samuel Withenshaw first gathered up the courage to ask her out. She had accepted him on her terms and had later accepted his proposal of marriage because she loved him. Looking back though, she wonders, was she right to do so. In the unbelievable year that has followed she has risen from being a humble waitress having to eke out a living to support herself and her sister, to one of the wealthiest and most esteemed ladies in the district. Her husband is now the second most important manager at Williamson’s Mill and she has made friends with some of the finest ladies in the land. She is invited to balls and garden parties and she is clad in gowns that cost her what was several months’ wages before. Furthermore, she has secured a marriage beyond all expectations for her sister, a marriage which Katie herself is happy in and which will leave their children heirs to one of the greatest fortunes in the north-west. Everyone tells her how lucky and blessed she is.

Yet at what cost have these gains come? Now she is elegant and beautiful, a living fashion plate, yet that fashion and privilege has also reduced her to a state of absolute dependency and helplessness. She can no longer feed herself or use a toilet; her life is restricted so that she may not even walk around her own house at will, and indeed requires assistance with such simple acts as sitting and climbing steps. And 24 hours a day, seven days a week her body reminds her of her new elegant and exalted status, from her stretched and constricted neck which leaves her gasping for breath, to her enormous cartoon breasts which heave up and down as her lungs gasp for air, to her minuscule waist as hard as iron, to her padded bottom plugged with an oversized replica of a male penis, to her intimate areas, shorn of hair, plugged, trimmed back and ringed, to her feet, forced en pointe so that she can only mince along at the slowest of speeds. Yes, her entire body reminds her of this, but no part so more as her arms, totally unusable for almost a year, at present dead until Natalie comes to massage them back into life.

She swallows, feeling the rubber gag fill her mouth and fidgets on her chair causing the plugs in her anus and slit to move. Her nipple rings are also tugged and ripples of pleasure flow through her. Automatically her mind turns to what it always turns to these days: sex. She longs for it constantly, being denied all other forms of pleasure.

Then she feels another pull, on the harness around her bound arms and collar. She is being lifted up out of her chair. She glances at the clock: Ten past three. Yes, she knows what it is; it happens around this time everyday now. Sam has an urge and she, as his elegant accessory, has a duty to satisfy it.

Slowly and carefully she minces her way towards her husband’s study.

Because as a Lady of Leisure she is given everything in the world except the ability to exercise a will of her own.


Alison becomes a Lady of Leisure: Chapter 13

Chapter 12

Chapter 13 – A Letter Arrives

“Ma’am, Mr. Withenshaw requires your presence in his study.”

Alison let the maid assist her in rising and then minced her way through the corridors to her husband’s study. Once inside, the maid sat her down and then Sam ordered her out and shout the door.

“What is it?” she asked.

“This letter,” he replied, “which arrived special delivery this morning. I think you can guess what it is.”

She could, they had both been expecting it. It was a formal proposal of marriage for Miss Katherine Knight from Master Stephen Williamson.

“I shall accept of course,” said Sam.

Alison nodded as much as her neck corset would allow. There was no sensible reason to refuse: he was above her in station, the son of a close friend and the two obviously liked one another. Nonetheless, Alison felt a little sad. For the rest of her life Katie would become an elegant, often mute, entirely helpless fashion mannequin, an elaborate accessory to her husband. She knew that the prospect of this would please her sister but, deep down, she always wanted something more for her… and herself.

“He lists his demands,” continued Sam. “Financially he is understanding, he knows our station and so has only demanded a dowry of £5,000. He has said that he will house her and care for her. And the enhancements are no too extreme either…”


“Why yes, of course. You know as well as I that all Ladies of Leisure undergo enhancements prior to marriage as stipulated by their fiancés.”

“Yes, I suppose so, I’d just, well, never thought about it.”

“Well, think now. He is demanding 40F breasts, some slight enhancements to the lips and buttock enlargements, although these too are minor. All in all, nothing too expensive.”

‘Nothing too expensive!’ But what would she look like afterwards with two silicon footballs affixed to her chest? Like all Ladies of Leisure of course: fake. Yet another symbol of their wealth and dependency on their males.

“I shall make a booking for the women’s hospital in a month or so’s time in order that they may heal before the wedding. I should like you to accompany her, in case of any misapprehensions she may have.”

“I quite understand.”

“Alison, I am so proud of you, you know? Since your parents’ deaths you’ve been like a second mother to Katie and brought her up well. It is entirely a credit to you that she has become a Lady of Leisure and is making such a good marriage.”

The official engagement took place at a garden party held on the lawn of Mostyn House the following Sunday. All their friends and Altrincham high society was invited and Stephen went down on one knee in front of Katie. She blushed and nodded as she was unable to answer being securely gagged, and the whole of the male contingent of the gathering clapped. Then Stephen presented Sam with the traditional engagement gift – an ivory replica of his penis for her to wear in her bottom to give a foretaste of the pleasures of marriage – and a list of his demands. After that Katie withdrew to have the gift inserted and when she returned blushing deeply, the males clapped heartily again and Stephen planted a large kiss on her gagged lips.

The wedding was set for August so that the reception could be held in the grounds and the appointment for the enhancements was made at the end of July. On the fateful day Alison and Katie boarded the train at Stockport for the long journey down to London. Not wishing to take any chances, this made the travelling costumes with rubber underwear get brought out again and, in the event, it was needed, as the train was delayed near Rugby and Alison could not hold herself in any longer. By the time she alighted at Euston, her pee was swishing about her bottom uncomfortably.

They took a taxi to Great Ormond Street Hospital for Women, the premier enhancement hospital in the country, and were ushered into the consulting room of Dr. Bunyan, the surgeon who would be conducting the operation. He brought up an electronic image of Katie at present and how she would look after the work on her body. Alison privately thought the over-large, perfectly round and buoyant breasts would look a little ridiculous, but Katie was most pleased.

“And that is your sister, Mrs. Withenshaw, now for you,” said the doctor.


“Yes, you. You are also to have some enhancements made, are you not?”

“No, not at all, doctor. I am already married and we chose not to have such work done at my engagement.”

“Oh really, is that the truth?”

“Well, almost. To be perfectly honest, we had not the money in those days; I was working at the time and not a Lady of Leisure, and so it was never a possibility.”

“I see,” said the doctor with a smile. “Well, I must say that you have a most loving and caring husband, because the instructions – and the cheque – sent to me by Mr. Withenshaw indicate that he feels most remiss at not having to be able to provide you with what you deserve at the time of your betrothal and so he has decided to make good that omission and, as a special present for the care and support you have provided for your lovely sister here over the years, you too are to be enhanced. Now, the details he has asked me to keep as a surprise from you, but I know you shall love your new look.”

“But Dr. Bunyan, I…”

But even as she spoke, Alison’s eyelids began to get heavy.

“The tea,” said the good doctor, “it was laced with a sleeping drug. When you awake both you and your sister shall be new women entirely…”

Then the world went black.

When she awoke, Alison did not feel particularly new, but she did feel groggy. She drifted in and out of consciousness a few times before finally coming to her senses properly. She looked down at her chest and saw two mounds underneath the bedsheets. They were huge!

An hour later she was up and examining her enhancements in the mirror. Sam’s gift may have been well-intentioned but it was not what she would have chosen. Jutting out from her chest, where previously her humble 32B breasts had sat, were now two enormous balloons of female flesh. Each was topped by an enormous nipple, easily the size of her thumb and, to her alarm, both nipples had been pierced and a pair of large golden rings permanently inserted through them.

The nurse demonstrated her new breasts’ new sensations. She massaged them and pressed them but rather than sagging, they simply bounced back into position, defying gravity completely. Then, as she caressed the nipples, ripples of pleasure flooded through Alison’s body. The nurse explain how the nerves had been altered to enhance the feeling of touch and that it may be possible for Alison to achieve orgasm now purely through the massaging of her nipples. She then went on to explain that the rings were there to prevent them from bouncing out of low-cut gowns as they could be fastened to matching rings now stitched onto the top of her stays.

Below the titanic breasts, her figure dived down into an impossible hourglass before widening again to the hips which had been enhanced along with the buttocks at the back so that they jutted out provocatively. Her most intimate area had also not escaped attentions, with her outer beauty lips having been cut back to reveal her moist slit all the more, the whole area treated with lasers to prevent hair regrowth and then her beauty bud being pierced and a golden ring inserted through that also. “You shall find this enhancement most exciting,” explained the nurse as she started to tug and twist the ring sending intense ripples of pleasure through Alison’s body. “Normally the clitoris is not in an aroused state, but the piercing and ring ensure that it stays in that state permanently which will be most exciting for you and the ring can cause incredible sexual joy for you although, I must warn you now, that some husband’s do also use them for punishment purposes. I believe your sister has had similar jewellery attached.

Once she had recovered fully from the operations, Alison spent a few days in hospital learning how to manage their new breasts. The problem was their weight thrust her entire body forward which meant that she had to change how she walked, leaning back more which presented them even more lewdly. In addition to this, the rings attached to rings on her new corsets tugged and twisted whenever she moved caused great excitement when she didn’t always want it. Katie was exactly the same, though she seemed less perturbed by it, perhaps because she had been a more willing patient. To Alison though, these huge humps of femininity, along with the ring through her beauty bud merely made her all the more conscious, every time she moved or glanced down as to how she was slowly being turned into some sort of gorgeous sexual object whose sole purpose was to please her husband and reflect his wealth and status. When they rode home on the train, everyone staring at hers and Katie’s mighty melons as they waited on the platform at Euston, she felt so self-conscious she would have loved to have draped a shroud over herself. Back at the house though, Sam’s reaction was quite different and she had not stepped through the door an hour when Natalie had undressed her and she was chained to their bed, her husband eagerly burying his face into her new fun bags as he pumped away merrily below.

Chapter 14

Alison becomes a Lady of Leisure: Chapter 12

Chapter 11

Chapter 12 – Wedding Bells

A month after that heavenly holiday, it was Hope’s wedding itself. That morning both girls were woken up at five, two hours earlier than usual, in order to begin the preparations. They were to be bridesmaids of course, but Hope had selected gowns for her bridesmaids that were more demanding than anything either girl had even contemplated wearing before. The waists were a staggering fourteen inches but, more than that, they incorporated perfectly vertical stems of four inches that were picked out by a wide silver filigree belt which went over them and could only be screwed shut at the requisite fourteen inches.

The night before Natalie had decided that Alison’s night stays should be laced an inch tighter than usual which was a real trial and not entirely helpful as she had struggled to sleep with the intense constriction, although it must be said that Sam had really appreciated the new measurement when attending to his marital duties and had made a worrying hint about it becoming something of a more permanent arrangement. Nonetheless, in the morning, it did give them a head start and when she was hung from her trapeze, Alison got down to fifteen and a half inches quite easily. After that though it became a real trial, for although the waist size was not too extreme, achieving it with the long stem was. Just above fifteen she blacked out and after being revived by smelling salts, was given an hour to acclimatise herself before another lacing bout which ended in a blackout at fourteen and three quarters. And so it continued until the stays were finally closed at around 11 in the morning at which point, light-headed and blacking out again as she was released from the trapeze and her weight transferred itself onto her feet, now squeezed into en pointe boots, she lay down for an hour to recover before the dress itself could be fitted.

That dress was a gorgeous confection in rose-coloured silk with fresh flowers pinned onto it and topped off by the glorious silver filigree belt, the fitting of which caused her to faint away once again as it was deliberately shaped to be longer front to back than across the sides giving the optical illusion of a waist even smaller than it really was, although to achieve that illusion caused, naturally, more pain and suffering.

Having briefed Natalie of her plans well in advance, after her enema mid-morning, Alison had been fitted with the very largest of her bottom plugs which was a full three inches in circumference. She had worn this before of course, (although it must be said that initially Natalie had said two inches was all that would be required), but with the extra pressure on her waist, it seemed to make the insertion even more difficult and Alison felt so full down below that it really bothered her.

That was not the only thing that bothered her either. The dress that Hope had chosen was extremely low cut and so there was an issue of what to do with Alison’s heaving breasts which were now pushed up level with her shoulders due to the fact that, so squeezed was she, they had nowhere else to go. To solve it Natalie tied cotton threads around the nipples and then attached these to rings set into the gown so that the nipples were only just hidden and most of her bosom was brazenly on display. This shaming fact however, was nothing to the surges of pain and pleasure she felt every time that she breathed and her breasts tugged mercilessly on the nipples and indeed, for the first hour or so after they had been fastened in that way, Alison found it difficult to concentrate on anything else.

Whilst she was coming to terms with this, the servants fussed around coiffuring her hair and applying her make-up whilst Natalie also fitted a magnificent silver filigree collar which matched the belt and hid a strict neck corset before inserting her gag and inflating it fully. Finally though, completely immobile and all her orifices stuffed to the maximum, the leash was attached to her collar and she was led out of the room to her waiting husband.

The wedding itself was a severe trial and Alison did not know how she managed to survive it without fainting, although Hope was even more inspiring as her waist had been squeezed to a mind-blowing thirteen and a half inches with a five inch stem which, according to Emma, had only been achieved by lacing down steadily over a twenty-four hour period.

Following the ceremony itself there was the reception where she managed only four mouthfuls of the glorious meal presented before her, and then in the evening after a much-needed rest period, it was the ball. Then, as with the Finkelsteins’ ball, Katie had disappeared into the garden with Stephen which much angered Alison as she’d had stern words with her younger sister afterwards about wanton behaviour – warnings that the brazen teen had obviously not heeded at all – and then Sam had tugged on her leash and suggested they do likewise, to which she had pointedly refused declaring that if he could wait, she had a far greater treat planned for him that evening.

Excited by this mysterious prospect, they had bade their farewells to the happy couple soon afterwards and returned to Mostyn House where Alison had gone upstairs with Natalie whilst Sam treated himself to a stiff port and cigar. Once upstairs she had been stripped of all her clothing saving for the incredible corset which she knew her husband would appreciate, her collar and leash, gag and the restriction around her reverse prayer arms. Then she had been lain on the bed by Natalie, face down with a huge bolster underneath her stomach so that her bottom was raised to a manageable height for her husband. After that the mammoth plug was removed and her gaping hole massaged by the fingers of her maid with scented oils. Then she waited.

Sam entered soon afterwards and declared himself most surprised and pleased at the developments. He whipped out his member which was already rock solid and approached her from behind. She felt his hands caressing her breasts which hung down beneath her and groaned into her gag as he played with her nipples and then the tip of his tool brushed her oh-so-sensitive clitoris. But tonight that was not to be where that member was headed, and instead she felt it pressing against her bottom hole which, despite its stretching, still resisted the intruder. “No! No! NO!” she screamed into her gag, but no words could be made out and instead she felt the mighty weapon push past her sphincter and enter her very being. Never before had she felt so mastered, so absolutely owned, so helpless and so dominated. Slowly but surely, Sam slid his tool in and out, taking his time and massaging her breasts all the while. Then, just as she thought it was over, he withdrew, not wishing to rush the experience, waiting a moment whilst caressing her tiny waist, before then re-entering and starting it all again. Three times this happened but on the third he could contain his ecstasy no longer and he erupted deep within her, a sensation that Alison felt only briefly before she fainted right away in pleasure, exhaustion and absolute submission.

Now she truly understood what it meant to be a Lady of Leisure.

Chapter 13

Alison becomes a Lady of Leisure: Chapter 11

Chapter 10

Chapter 11 – Hens’ Holiday

At the start of May Alison was most surprised to discover a letter waiting on her breakfast table one morning. Unable to do anything herself, she had the maid open it and read it and to her delight it was from Emma Williamson stating that due to Hope’s upcoming marriage, it had been decided to hold a “Hen Party” and as such both Alison and Katie were invited to a week away in Paris.

Both girls were extremely excited as neither had been overseas before and both knew that Paris is rumoured to be one of the most elegant cities on earth even if the fashions there are far more liberal than those of Britain.

When the day came though a month later, there were some unexpected elements to Alison’s dressing. After she had been laced using the trapeze, she had her usual morning enema but then, to her surprise, catheters were fitted into her pee hole and anus. “What is the meaning of this?” she asked in shock, to which the maid replied, “Special preparations for travelling, ma’am, as access to a toilet is impossible until we arrive in the hotel.”

After the catheters, a thick pair of rubber pants was fitted over her bottom, then another and then yet another. These were all quite baggy and made her hips appear incredibly large, as if she possessed what is crudely referred to as a “bubble butt”. Then came the usual enormous bustle, but unlike normal, this was much heavier as it seemed to have some sort of tank inside it which the catheter tubes were attached to. Then, she was dressed as normal in a forest green travelling dress with fur trims and an elegant hat with a thick veil over the front which almost blinded Alison. Finally the ensemble was finished off by a dark grey fur-lined mantle.

The two girls were driven to the mainline railway station at Stockport where the Williamson ladies were waiting. They all nodded at one another and were then shown into their private compartment where, once seated, their gags were removed so that they could talk. They then set off, the servants and luggage in the next compartment, chattering excitedly about the upcoming trip when Alison began to feel full, probably as a result of all the tea that she had drunk at breakfast. Immediately she knew that she had to let go and that was why she had been dressed in the way that she had, but something about her felt ashamed to empty herself into her underwear in public so she held it in with the pressure slowly growing.

But then, somewhere past Rugby, as the clocks struck twelve, something most unexpected happened. There was a slight whirring in her bustle and cold water started shooting into her bottom, the shock causing her to let flow with pee. Nervously she looked across at the others and from their shifting in their seats, she could tell that the same was happening to them all. Naturally, all the girls were too refined and elegant to mention it but the conversation stopped as all tried to concentrate on the sensations down below. Her bottom filled up quickly and the pressure became intense and then it stopped. The water stayed there until slight cramps began. Then it gushed out to Alison’s great relief. Once it was all finished she looked across at Emma who smiled. “I feel much cleaner all of a sudden,” said Mrs. Williamson before returning to the topic of French wines.

Alison emptied her bowels several times on that journey and received two more enemas. But then the trip was a long one: three and a half hours to London, a cab across the capital, then another hour and a half to Dover, then the crossing before a further five hours ride to the French capital. It was evening by the time they got there and thankfully the hotel was by the Gare du Nord so they could book straight in.

Immediately Alison was stripped and bathed and then dressed in an evening dress of fine red silk. They went out for a beautiful meal and then returned to the hotel where, Alison was surprised to discover, she was sharing a room with Chastity Williamson at the latter’s request. Both ladies were stripped down to corsets and drawers and a monoglove and then put into the King Size bed with each other. And as soon as the maid had extinguished the light, Chastity snuggled up to her friend and whispered, “This is my favourite part of the holiday!” and put her lips to Alison’s. She was initially shocked and, several months ago she would have drawn away, but the experiences in Laydon’s and at the spa had taught her that for Ladies of Leisure, Sapphic pleasures are not taboo as with most women. Although not a lesbian, she reciprocated the kiss and soon found herself in Heaven as her tongue explored the young virgin’s mouth.

But then Chastity withdrew and shuffled herself round so that her face was by Alison’s crotch. To her astonishment she found the young girl nuzzling through her drawers to her most intimate area and then slowly start licking and sucking. The pleasure was exquisite and soon Alison began groaning in ecstasy. “Now you do me,” whispered Chastity and so Alison put her face into Chastity’s crotch and began exploring her love channel with her tongue, the young girls juices exciting her even further. Within minutes both passed out from the most incredible sexual experience that either had ever encountered and when she came round again, Alison was pleased to discover that Chastity was ready for round two.

And so the holiday went on. By day they visited the famous sights like the Eiffel Tower and Versailles, in the evenings they watched the opera or theatre, their rarely-free hands clapping daintily at the moving performances and at night they immersed themselves in Sapphic bliss.

At the end of the week, as she was trussed up in rubber again, Alison did not want to return home.

Chapter 12

Alison becomes a Lady of Leisure: Chapter 10

Chapter 9

Chapter 10 – The Ball

Life as Ladies of Leisure continued for both Katie and Alison as the weeks passed by. Katie loved it, Alison far less so, although even she had to admit when she thought about it, that there was a certain degree to which one could get used to anything. Not that she did think about such things much, mind. Indeed, it seemed these days that all that did occupy her mind was sexual titillation and hardly a moment went by when the objects inserted in both her front and rear holes did not remind her of how sensitive those areas were.

With regards to the plug now permanently inserted in her bottom hole, this was reminding her more and more now, since she was steadily moving through the set and the plugs were now large indeed, causing her to feel permanently full down there. She often wondered what congress in that way would feel like – would she enjoy it or not? – but Natalie deemed it still not being wise to attempt it yet and besides, her maid reminded her, would it not be best to save such a special event for a special occasion? Alison agreed and so made plans to surprise her husband on the night following Hope’s wedding when she would have been making him extra excited all day by wearing the gorgeous bridesmaid’s gown.

Now that both sisters were true Ladies of Leisure, they found that they were invited over to the Williamsons’ house all the more and introduced to many more Society Ladies. Most of them lived just as they did although some adopted some even more extreme practices. Take for example Mrs. Sara Finkelstein, wife of a prominent millowner, who was always plugged as they were but whose husband programmed her front plug to vibrate whenever he was thinking of her. Mrs. Finkelstein would be sat on a chair drinking tea with the rest of them when suddenly she would start panting and her maid, even attentive and highly professional, would mop her brow. Then, without a word, Mrs. Finkelstein would pass out. The maid would ensure that she did not fall, and then after a minute or two revive her mistress with smelling salts. The most amazing thing about all this though was that Mrs. Finkelstein never once spoke or made a noise, but just continued as if nothing had happened. Indeed, when the panting and sweating started, she would continue with the same facial expression as before, still nodding at the right places in the conversations and so often Alison was unaware that anything was up until the poor lady fainted right away. The first time it happened both she and Katie found the entire episode most confusing but Emma explained to them afterwards what the matter was and said that Sara had gone to one of the premier ladies’ colleges in the north where girls were taught to not betray any sign of the excitement they were undergoing in their facial expressions.

Another strange character was Mrs. Emily Braithwaite, wife of a hat manufacturer in Stockport. She was a Lady of Leisure like all the others, with perfect reverse prayer at all times, but what distinguished her were the immense size of her breasts. Each was easily twice as big as her head and they heaved mightily with every breath as she laced to a staggering 14 inches with a stem of several inches, an unbelievable size achieved, Emma said, through an operation which had removed some her lower ribs. Her waist was almost non-existent and then her breasts were unmissable, perfect globes of feminine flesh. Alison wondered how she managed she monsters and was even more surprised when she learnt that before her marriage Emily had been a rather plain girl with a famously flat chest. Now she was anything but plain, with blonde hair, huge blue doll-like eyes and enormous pouting lips. Emma explained that her husband fancied himself as something of an artist and had chosen Emily specifically for her plainness, using her as a blank canvas as it were, upon which he could create his masterpiece. The effects of the mammoth-titted, wasp-waisted doll in front of them certainly were striking, all the more so because another of her enhancements had been a slight shortening of the tongue which left Emily speaking with a babyish lisp, but Alison would have struggled to call the finished work a “masterpiece”.

As they continued to visit the Williamsons, Katie and Stephen Williamson spent more and more time together. He always seemed to pop home from work when she was about and managed to manoeuvre himself near to her when sitting in the room, watching her breasts rise and fall as the others talked. One day he asked if he may take her for a constitutional around the grounds as she was looking somewhat flustered to which Alison agreed seeing no reason why not to and the young couple were away for an inordinately long time and when they returned Alison was certain that her sister’s gag had been removed and then replaced. After that, these constitutional walks became a regular occurrence with Stephen even turning up at their own home some evenings to partake in them. Not that Alison minded of course, since Katie obviously enjoyed them and Stephen seemed to be an upright young man and besides, with her chastity belt locked on, what harm could befall Katie?

Things came to a head though at the Finkelstein’s Ball held in honour of Reuben’s birthday at the start of April. It was one of the social events of the year and gave Katie and Alison a chance to wear their gorgeous ball gowns which left their fingers tantalisingly free. Of course, wearing it was also a trial since it required a waist an inch smaller than usual, but after several faints Alison managed to squeeze herself into it and ride to the ball light-headed and panting for breath.

Once there though, it was magical. The Finkelsteins’ mansion in Alderley Edge was ablaze with fairy lights and a string ensemble played whilst the couples whirled around the ballroom like heavenly mirages. Alison felt on top of the world as Sam held her firmly around her miniscule waist and then entwined his fingers in her, fingers which were rarely so free even if they still were pinioned behind her back and brushing her neck. She glanced across and noticed Katie doing much the same with Stephen before the latter then took hold of her silver leash and guided his belle outside into the dark garden. Thinking that it would be romantic to kiss her husband in the same fashion in amongst the shrubs, Alison whispered in Sam’s ear that they too should retire outside to which he smiled and took hold of her leash also. He led her carefully onto the terrace and then down the steps and onto the lawn. Crossing the dark lawn, they made for the shrubbery when Alison heard some strange noises, rather like groaning and gasping and then, to her horror, she spied Stephen Williamson stood against a tree with her sister knelt before him sucking his tool vigorously whilst he groaned in ecstasy. They weren’t kissing at all! Instead they were being far more intimate… and crude!. She gave a gasp of shock but no one heard as at that very moment Stephen exploded into Katie’s waiting and eager mouth. As he helped her sister up, Alison was transfixed by the sight of her sister’s exultant face with white goo dripping from her rosebud mouth.

Leading her on, Sam found his own tree and then, with a smile of delight, unfastened his own fly and pushed on her shoulder so that she was knelt in front of him. “Shall we follow their example, darling?” he asked as he slowly inserted his stiff member.

Chapter 11

Alison becomes a Lady of Leisure: Chapter 9

Chapter 8

Chapter 9 – A Heavenly Day

They had agreed not to leave the house or meet with the Williamsons again until they had both achieved reverse prayer, since with their new status it would perhaps not be fitting to do abroad with it half-achieved and they both wished to demonstrate just how hard they had been working to attain the same exalted lifestyle as their new friends. Reverse prayer is achieved when the elbows meet and Katie managed this after two weeks. For Alison it took a further four days but eventually they were ready and the Williamsons were contacted and it was agreed to go out shopping together in Manchester for new gowns suitable for their new level of bondage and status. Thus it was that they awoke early that Wednesday and instead of staying half naked until lunch, both put on their walking gowns supplemented not by a monoglove this time but instead a temporary glove in white leather that Natalie had ordered from a staymaker’s that kept the arms in the reverse prayer position. They then were picked up by the car with the three Williamson ladies already on board and whisked off to the city centre. Naturally, none of them offered Katie and Alison any compliments on their new-found elegance as all were securely gagged, but all three nodded in admiration and even Alison felt a little proud inside.

The car deposited them at the doors of Kendal & Milne and the four ladies minced inside and were helped to the ladies wear section. New stays were ordered for Katie as well as neck corsets but then they came on to the main object of their visit: dresses incorporating the reverse prayer posture.

Once again Alison was shown through to a private area by fawning assistants who helped her maid to strip her down and then fit the new underwear which, of course, included a corset that could lace down tighter than her previous one and which caused her to pass out when still a couple of inches from closing. Then came the reverse prayer ensemble which came in several parts. The first were the initial restraints, i.e. cuffs for the elbows and wrists. Then the lower part of the pouch in white leather which covered the two bound arms as one up to the wrists. This had lacing along the back which squeezed them together tightly, moulding them as one unit. Alison wondered why the hands were left free, but this was then explained by the assistant who described how ball dresses or those worn for the theatre and opera now kept the hands free so that they could be seen by admirers and tiny ladylike claps could be made to show appreciation for performers. Also, ardent lovers often liked to intertwine fingers during the dances. Thus, Alison was now fitted for two ball gowns, one in ivory with exquisite embroidery and the second in a pale purple.

After this the final part of the reverse prayer ensemble for normal use was fitted: a glove for both hands with separate fingers and stiffened with steel to prevent any movement whatsoever. Then came the selecting of the day dresses, ten in total including one in satin with a tartan print which she decided to wear for the rest of the day. Suitably attired and extremely elegant, she was now fit to re-enter society where her friends and similarly-restrained sister all declared themselves most pleased with the results.

Dining at the Midland again, Alison used the opportunity of being ungagged to ask if they would be visiting Laydon’s again. “Well, we could,” said Emma, “although I was thinking, as a special treat to celebrate yours and Emma’s entry into the life of the Lady of Leisure, that instead we have the driver take us to the Dunham Massey Spa.”

“Ooh mummy! Can we really?” squealed Chastity.

“The Dunham Massey Spa? Where is that?”

“Not far from our house but it is the most heavenly place ever. It is a place to relax and unwind and, from what I recall from my reverse prayer training, is something that you’ll both need more than anything.”

“Well, I don’t know since it’s all new to me, but you’re the expert so, if you recommend it, then I’m game!”

“Jolly good.”

The Dunham Massey Spa was an extensive complex housed in a former stately home where the family had left no heirs and so a hotel chain had taken it over. Part of it was an hotel but part was an area for ladies of distinction and breeding to relax. They all entered and were given their own personal assistant as at Laydon’s. Each was guided to their own changing room where their clothes were removed and their arms massaged until the blood began to flow again.

Next an enema was administered, this one, like at Laydon’s, offered with a choice of fragrant soaps, Alison choosing rose essence, before her plug was reinserted. Then, she was taken to the shower, her arms fastened to a ceiling chain, rinsed all over and a new corset fitted, this time in rubber and not quite as tight as the usual stays. It was also shorter, not covering the breasts which were left free and bouncing. Alison’s arms were then laced into a monoglove, also in rubber and rubber pants were fitted over her hips. Finally her hair was braided into a long ponytail and mules with heels of several inches placed on her feet. Finally a collar with chain was fastened around her neck and she was led out of the room by the maid.

The first stop was an incredibly hot room made entirely out of wood where a stove belched out heat. Called a sauna, this caused her to sweat profusely all over. After ten minutes or so in there, she was taken to a pool of cold water before then re-entering the sauna. Then she was given a massage by her assistant who concentrated on her legs, bottom, back and breasts, easing out all the knots and pains. It was sheer heaven! After that a strange item was added to her ensemble. It looked like one of those huge ruffs worn in Elizabethan days and was secured around her neck, but this ruff was made of plastic and full of air. Then she was led to a pool of warm water into which she entered and her chain was tied to a post along with the chains of the others. It was absolutely heavenly as the pool was deep and so she was literally floating in the warm soothing water whilst the inflated ruff kept her head dry and afloat.

“So what do you think?” asked Chastity.

“This must be what Heaven is like,” replied Katie. “Thank you so much for bringing us!”

“Yes, thank you,” added Alison who, for once, agreed entirely with her sister.

There they floated and engaged in small talk.

“I see that you’re wearing a chastity belt,” said Hope to Katie.

“Yes, my sister’s insistence,” said Katie glaring at Alison.

“I thought it for her own good, what with strange male servants about. If a man got near her there is no way she could fend him off.”

“You are such a thoughtful guardian,” said Emma. “I never insisted on it for my girls but then maybe I was taking an excessive risk. Katie, you should be glad that your sister cares for you so.”

One thing that Alison had noticed in the sauna, particularly as they were so free to bounce about, was how impressive Emma’s breasts were; large and firm, particularly considering her age.

“I couldn’t help admiring your breasts earlier,” she remarked. “Were they enhanced for your marriage?”

“Yes, although I have had further work done on them. My Uriah has always admired large breasts – mine were quite humble like Hope’s here before our marriage – and it was one of the preconditions. Indeed, Hope is to have hers done soon as part of her wedding preparations.”

“Yes I am, and I’m quite excited although a bit nervous. My fiancé wants them very large, 40GG which sounds intimidating but if it pleases him then it is for the best.”

“I should love to have enlargements myself,” commented Katie, whose breasts were already far from unimpressive, “although that depends on my fiancé I suppose.”

“Indeed it does,” commented Alison, “if we manage to find a man that’ll have you!”

“I shouldn’t be surprised if we haven’t already,” giggled Chastity.

“Yes, our brother has talked about little else. He can’t wait to see you at dinner this evening!”

“Did Samuel never insist on you having your breasts improved?” asked Emma.

“No, never, although our circumstances were different then. However, I am not sure if I should like it.”

“It is not about whether you like it, but him. Remember, your body is his possession, not yours.”

All ladies nodded gravely at that.

“I think it’s time to leave now,” said Emma, “and enjoy the next course!”

And that next course turned out to be most enjoyable indeed. Each was taken to a separate room, their ruffs and pants removed, a gag inserted and a hood fitted over their heads. With hers on, Alison couldn’t see or hear a thing, the only holes being two small ones over her nostrils. Then she was led to a bed where she lay down with a hole in the padded surface to accommodate her bound arms. Then her ankles were cuffed to the bed itself and another strap fastened around her neck. After that it began.

Firstly, it was light, almost imperceptible. A slight tickling with a feather. Then there was blowing, then the feather again. Then came something more, fingers clad in satin gloves caressing and manipulating her beauty bud. Soon she was bucking and groaning with pleasure as the expert assistant brought her to the verge of climax and then took her away again. After several times she allowed her to explode with ecstasy before inserting a dissolving pessary as had been the case at Laydon’s. After that the hood and other items were removed and she was redressed in all her finery before having her make-up touched up and being led to the others in the lounge where each was presented with a glass of champagne which went straight to their heads.

That evening they had dinner at the Williamsons’ home. Stephen was there and he couldn’t take his eyes off Katie whilst Sam was all over his wife, her new reverse prayer gowns really being to his taste. And so the day ended with two excited young ladies in bed. Alison had all her dreams fulfilled with a husband who couldn’t contain himself with excitement at her new bondage but for Katie on the other hand, who’d been denied the arousal that the others had enjoyed in the spa, had only more frustration and instead could only dream of the day when her spouse, (who in her dreams already had Stephen Williamson’s face), was doing everything to her that Sam was doing to Alison.

Chapter 10