The Goddess Provides, Officially: Chapters 7-8


Chapters 5-6

Chapter 7

The following morning, Hapu arrived later than he usually did and then struggled to stay awake while Heni sat talking with him.

“What is it with you today?” she asked at last. “Am I really so boring that you need to close your eyes when I tell you about my new gown?”

“No, no,” said Hapu in-between yawns. “I don’t know what it is. I went to bed a little later than usual last night but maybe I’m coming down with something or it could be the weather. I always get tired easily when it is muggy like this.”

“Maybe. My sister couldn’t stay awake this morning at breakfast either. She said the same thing. However, she’s got an excuse; she’s a potgirl after all so her body is more sensitive to the temperature. You, on the other hand, should be more resilient.”

“Seni is tired too?”

“Yes, so you won’t be able to invite her to play Monopoly with us today and then side with her once again so that I lose.”

“To be honest, I don’t think I could stay awake for a whole game of Monopoly.”

“I know. Maybe I’m being too hard on you. Why don’t you put your head on my lap and have a little snooze… no, don’t resist, we’ll be married soon and we can do this every night…”

Hapu did actually doze off on Heni’s lap as she stroked his hair, the first act of real intimacy that he had allowed and one that had made her suspect that a proposal must surely be coming soon. When he woke up though, he made his excuses and returned home where he then slept for several hours, waking up as the sun was starting to set in the west. He then had several excruciating hours of waiting until the time when all the Ankhkhaf household retired, before dressing in black once again and making his way over the garden wall, across to the banana palm, up its trunk and in through the window. This time, when he came in, Seni was already wide awake, her dark eyes sparkling in the flickering candlelight. They did not kiss on the lips, only the forehead as friends should, although, once again, those kisses lingered far longer than was appropriate for a purely platonic relationship.

They fell into talking about Seni’s future in the temple. She told him about the training that she had received, that all potgirls were expected to memorise lengthy prayers and repeat them on behalf of the devotees who would come and leave generous donations for the priests. She told him about the room that she had visited where the potgirls lived, the ornately-carved stone shelf on which the vases with their human occupants stood. And as she spoke, tears welled in her eyes and she struggled to get her words out.

“Seni, what’s the matter? Why are you crying?”

“Oh Hapu,” she wept, “when I think of it… it is too terrible. I know that it is my fate, my destiny and a great, great honour, but I do not want to go there, I really don’t. To think of spending my life just standing on a shelf repeating prayers ad infinitum, with no friends, no family, no joy, no sunshine, no…”

She broke down completely and her head started to convulse as the tears flowed down her face. Without thinking, Hapu when over to her and hugged her tightly. “Don’t worry my dearest friend, it will be alright, I promise you, I’ll do something, I don’t know what but something…”

But she did not hear and instead merely cried in his arms, her tears wetting his shoulder as they soaked into his tunic.

Eventually, they dried up, the sniffling stopped and Seni whispered, “I’m alright now, truly I am. I just need to pray to the goddess more. Thank you, thank you so much, you’ve been a great help, you’re a wonderful friend, you truly are.”

Hapu stepped back and, taking out a handkerchief, wiped the tears from the young potgirl’s face. He smiled at her and she smiled back. And then, a look of absolute horror passed over her face.

“What’s the matter?” he asked.

Seni darted her eyes to the right and he turned. No word of explanation was needed.

“I’ve been standing there for a full five minutes,” said Teo, Seni’s maid and dearest companion. “I couldn’t bear to break up your embrace, no matter how wrong it may be.”

“How did you know?” asked Seni. “You normally sleep at this time.”

“Hmm, let me think. Ever since he started coming to this house, there’s been a distinct change in you. A good one, it is true, but a change nonetheless. Before you were despondent and sad; now you seem full of the joys of spring. And then this morning you struggle to wake up and spend most of the day dozing, whilst he arrives at the door looking like the walking dead and spending half the day snoring on your sister’s lap? Then I realised what was going on. Then I knew that, despite your piety, what was causing the change in outlook was not excitement at your imminent entry into the temple when that trollope gets married.”

“Teo! I’ve told you before; she’s my sister! You shouldn’t say things like that!”

“A true sister would look after you and love you better, but she only cares about herself. You too young man, you Casanova! One Ankhkhaf daughter is not enough for you; you want to seduce both of them!”

“It’s not like that, I…”

“I know exactly what you are! I’ve heard of men like you; men with an obscene fascination for potgirls. Will you have the same done to her sister once you’ve wed her? Not that it’d be a bad thing mind, it might bring that cow down a peg or two, but I’ll not have you hurting my mistress, no, that I will not! Coming in here so you can kiss and do worse to a totally defenceless and innocent young potgirl, you…”

“Teo, it is not like that at all!” whispered Seni. “As you are my dearest friend, believe me! Hapu has had ample opportunity to do whatever he wants to me multiple times and he has acted the gentleman throughout. Apart from anything, I think he is too shy to molest a girl, that is one of the reasons why he is such an absolute darling, but there are many more. He is kind, caring, he listens to me and he knows exactly what to say!”

“By Holy Mother Isis, this is worse than I thought! You are in love, Miss Seni, you are totally besotted with him!”

“No! No! We’re not in love, we’re just friends!”

“Yes, Miss Teo, just friends!”

“Just friends my arse! I can see it in your eyes… and his. By Ra! You do not even realise it yourselves, but you are smitten, the pair of you! That is so terrible, so awful… and yet… yet so wonderful at the same time! Oh Miss Seni, this changes everything! I am so happy for you, you who deserve joy more than anyone and who has continually been afflicted by hardships! This is marvellous news, I feel like dancing with joy, I…”

“Shh! You’ll wake the others!”

Teo quietened down immediately and nodded her head. “No, we can’t have that; it would solve nothing. I came here today to expose you and get you banished from this house, but seeing the joy in my mistress’s eyes, I cannot do that now. How this will end I can’t say, probably in tears, but I shall not be the one to force the hand of fate. However, you need to promise me, Mr. Nebet, that you will not mistreat nor do ill by my mistress, for if you do, I shall hunt you down and kill you, honestly I shall, for she is my life and…”

“Miss Teo, I promise, I promise! Have no fear, I could never do ill to her, she is too precious to me.”

“Very well, and promise me one more thing too.”

“What is that?”

“That you shall not marry Miss Heni. You do not love her and she does not… can not love you, and if you two were together whilst Miss Seni spent her life in the temple alone, then it would break her heart. And I would have to kill you, did I mention that?”

“Teo, you cannot expect Hapu to…” Seni interjected, but Hapu was resolved.

“No, I promise. I shall not wed Heni, but I need to keep up the courtship as it is the only thing that allows us to be together.”

Teo nodded and then approached to kiss her mistress on the cheek. “Go girl,” she whispered, smiling, “seek happy nights for happy days!” and then, with a passing glance at Hapu, she left them all alone.

In the candlelight, Hapu gazed at Seni and Seni gazed at Hapu. “We’re not smitten are we?” he said.

“Not at all. Just friends.”

“Just friends.”



And then, he leaned his head in towards hers and, cradling the back of her hair with his hand, pressed his lips against her. Again, their mouths opened and their tongues explored one another intimately. This time though, she did not withdraw.

Chapter 8

And so Hapu entered a period of absolute bliss. By day he would visit one Ankhkhaf sister, pretend to court her and be interested in her, whilst at night he would creep into the room of the other and they would talk for hours with the connivance of her maid. They would talk and they would kiss but they never did any more, even though Hapu’s rod ached to do so and, the moment he got into his bed, he would bring himself to ecstasy within seconds, the image of Seni’s heavenly face hovering before him in his mind’s eye.

Some days, Heni would agree to Seni being brought down to join them and she would stand there in her pot whilst they drank tea or played a game and, whenever Heni’s back was turned, she would wink at Hapu and they would both smile at the secret that they shared.

But even though the period was like a perfect summer’s day, over it hung a cloud. At the back of both of their minds was the awareness that it was only temporary, that it could not last and that the ending would be cruel, for it would mean Hapu unable to visit the Ankhkhaf residence and, after Heni’s marriage, Seni being sentenced to this life and the afterlife in the gloomy confines of the Isis temple.

And then, one day most unexpectedly, the clouds broke and the rain gushed down in torrents.

Bleary-eyed, Hapu knocked on the door of the Ankhkhaf residence. As usual, a servant let him in and showed him to the sitting room. As usual, Heni was sitting there waiting for him, a smile on her face, wearing a revealing and expensive gown. Unlike usual, next to her sat her dad and, next to Mr. Ankhkhaf sat someone else.

“Good morning, Hapuneseb,” said Unasankh Ankhkhaf.

“Good morning, Hapu,” said his own father.

“Dad… err… Mr. Ankhkhaf… g-g-good morning.”

“Please sit, Hapuneseb,” continued Unasankh Ankhkhaf. “Now, I know that seeing us here today is not what you expected; instead you were looking forward to more time together with my daughter Hentmereb here. However, that is why we need to talk with you today.”

“Yes Hapu. You’ve been courting with Miss Ankhkhaf for more than a month now and, if you continue visiting this house without making a marriage proposal, then it will become questionable in terms of propriety and people will begin to talk. Now I know that you have always been a trifle shy around young ladies, but a month is more than enough to know if you are attracted or not and, what is more, the festival of Sokar is almost upon us, recognised since ancient times as the ideal time for a a wedding to take place. So, I must ask you to make a decision, son, and, I must say, Miss Ankhkhaf is certainly a charming and well-bred lady whom, if I were your age, I would not hesitate to propose to.”

“Lord Nebet, you are too kind!”

“Well, Hapu?”

Hapu sat there. He looked from his father to Heni, from Heni to her father and from Mr. Ankhkhaf back to his dad. This was the moment of truth; this was when it would all end, when the greatest friendship of his life would be destroyed and only an abyss of misery could be seen before him. He had promised never to marry Heni – a girl whom he would have stopped seeing after the first day under normal circumstances – and he would keep that promise, but to do so would mean that his name would be mud to the Ankhkhaf family and that Heni would marry someone else and Seni would be taken from him into the temple forever. He pictured his beloved, entombed in her pot on that dark and dusty shelf amongst all the others, chanting prayers for all eternity, that joyful smile and sparkling eyes dimming with a crushing and hellish life. No! No, he could not let that happen! Yet what could he do? One couldn’t marry a potgirl after all, could one… could one?

He turned to Unasankh Ankhkhaf. “Sir, if I am to understand you correctly, you desire me to marry your daughter?”

“Nothing would make me happier, Hapuneseb.”

“And Father, if I am to understand you correctly; you do not want me to leave this house today without proposing first to Miss Ankhkhaf.”

“That is correct, Hapu.”

“So be it. I shall do it, but under one condition. I would like the whole family gathered here as I do it.”

“That is a strange request, but I shall honour it, Hapuneseb.” Unasankh Ankhkhaf clicked his fingers and the servant waiting by the door came over. “Man! Bring my wife here and also Miss Senisonbe!”

“Yes sir.”

Around a minute later, Mrs. Ankhkhaf came into the room and, a confused look upon her face, sat down on the couch beside her daughter. Soon after that, Teo entered carrying Seni in her pot. She laid her down carefully on the small table by the couch and then stood back looking as bemused as the lady of the house. Hapu stood up and addressed the room:

“Today my father and Mr. Ankhkhaf have asked me if I am prepared to marry Miss Ankhkhaf and that, if she accepts, they will too. I am willing to marry her. Therefore, I have brought you all here so that you may witness my proposal and her response.”

Then, turning to the small table by the couch, he went down on one knee and said quietly yet firmly, “Senisonbe Ankhkhaf, do you agree to become my lawfully wedded wife?”

Seni’s eyes lit up. “I do,” she replied, tears of joy running down her face.


Chapter 9 & Epilogue

The Goddess Provides, Officially: Chapters 5-6


Chapters 3-4

Chapter 5

Hapu continued to visit the Ankhkhaf house every day, causing his mother and father to start making preparations on the quiet. He would usually ask to play a game and get Heni to include her potted sister, but as the elder sibling was now starting to get a little jealous – and was expecting a little more intimate time with her lover – she would often think of reasons not to include her and Hapu knew that he had to be careful so he did not push the matter. He did, however, always manage to see her, if only fleetingly, making sure that he drank lots of tea so that, after an hour or so, he was in need of the toilet. Ducking into the shrine room after one such visit – and after being denied Seni’s presence in the sitting room for three straight days – he kissed his friend on the forehead and then whispered to her, “This is awful! I really want to see you but she keeps making excuses.”

“She’s getting suspicious, Hapu. We’ll have to stop meeting.”

“But that would be awful! You’re the dearest female friend I’ve ever had and the thought of coming here and not seeing you is too terrible to contemplate. Isn’t there another way?”

Seni closed her chocolate-coloured eyes for a moment so that it looked as if she were asleep. Then a wide smile spread across her face and she opened them again. “I’ve got it! The window in the shrine room is left open every night by Teo so a breeze flows through and I don’t overheat. If you climb over the back wall into the garden, then it is right above the banana palms. Climb the one underneath it and sneak in. No one is awake between eleven and seven, and this room is on the opposite side of the house to all the bedrooms so, as long as we are quiet, we can talk to our hearts content!”

“Really?! Then I shall come, tonight! I cannot wait!”

“Me too!”

Hapu left and returned to his fiancee with a smile spread across his face. “I suppose you want to play a game again,” she said with a sulky pout on hers.

“Not at all. I was thinking that maybe a stroll around the garden might be in order, if you’d like to, of course.”

“Like to? I’d love it! I know some nice bushes that we could sneak behind where no one can see us and I can tickle you rotten… or more…”

And so they did go for a walk around the garden although, curiously, whilst Heni did manage to lure Hapu behind the bushes briefly, he seemed to be far more interested sitting on the very public bench by the fountain that overlooks the banana palms….

That night, dressed in black like a robber, Hapu used his climbing skills to scale the two meters or so up the wall surrounding the Ankhkhaf residence and then descend down into the moonlit garden. He silently made his way along the paths, keeping to the shadows, before heading for the large banana palm beneath the open window. He climbed the tree as quietly as he could and then squeezed himself through the narrow aperture. He was in the corridor leading to the shrine room. On tiptoes he crept down and opened the door. Inside, the candles on the shrine provided a faint, warm light and the smell of incense hung in the air. On her shelf stood Seni in her pot. Her eyes were closed and her breathing deep. Well, deep for a potgirl. He crept up to her and whispered her name. Immediately, those beautiful eyes opened and that perfect smile spread across her face. “You came!” she whispered in delight.

Chapter 6

Hapu left the shrine room as the sun was beginning to peep its sacred face over the eastern horizon. He did not want to depart, then or ever, but above the hushed sounds of their two voices, Seni heard a bird sing its song. “It is the lark!” she whispered. “Morning is here; you must go now!”

“No, no, it is the nightingale,” Hapu replied, but he knew and, after a promise to do the same again the following night, he was gone before any of the household members were awake.

They talked about everything, all those questions that had been burning in Hapu’s brain ever since he had met this captivating potgirl. Why had she been potted? What was it like? How did she feel? Did she regret it? What was her future? Patiently, she answered them all and, in return, he told her the answers to all her queries about his life.

She had undergone potisation only six months previously, although had known for years that it would probably be her fate. “It is customary for families of standing like mine to pot a daughter and send her to the Temple of Isis. It guarantees good luck, standing and respect. The only question for our house was which one of us would have the honour.”

“I understand that. If I had had a sister, she may well have undergone potisation too; as it was, I am the only child. But why you? Why not Heni?”

“Do you want the official reasons or the real ones?”

“I’ll have all of them,” replied Hapu, who simply liked listening to Seni talk far more than what she talked about.

“Well, officially, it is because I am the younger sister, thus of a slightly lower status than Heni which can count during marital negotiations. On top of that though, I have always been the more pious and responsible and so I was deemed more suited to the role.”

“That’s the story I heard from her, but that’s terrible! Like you are being punished for being a better person than she!”

“Officially potisation is an honour, not a punishment. People respect me more because of it and Heni is jealous of me, not the other way round… officially.”


“Indeed. But there were other factors at play here, never openly stated, but far more influential. The first was that our father had two wives; my mother and Heni’s mother. And Heni’s mum, Aunt Meryetamun, is both the first wife and, crucially, still alive. My mum died giving birth to me.”

“Oh, Seni!” cried Hapu, trying to imagine what life would be like as a child without a mum. “Our goddess Shai has dealt you a rough hand…”

“Shhh! Keep your voice down; we don’t want them waking up. Yes, I suppose I have, although never having had a mum, I’ve never missed her, although countless times I have imagined what it would be like. Aunt Meryetamun was never bad with me; indeed, we get on very well, but she naturally favours Heni and when the potisation issue came to the table, there was no one to argue my side or, officially, to push for giving the great honour to Heni. So, that was one unacknowledged reason, but there is also another: Heni has always been the pretty one and it is well-known that a pretty face can attract a good husband. So, Papa made the choice, and I got the great honour while Heni got you.”

“Well, you’re wrong on two counts there: firstly, I’m not engaged to Heni yet and, secondly, you’re far prettier than she is!”

“And you’re full of lies, Hapu! I know I’m the plain one; Heni is gorgeous; she has a beautiful face and a tempting, curvy figure. Now, I don’t even have a figure, but when I did it was nothing special, just straight up and down, whilst my face is just everyday and normal.”

“Well, I must prefer everyday and normal girls then.”

They looked at one another with the unsaid allegation that he had just transgressed an unseen red line into a dangerous place. “And, to continue what I was saying, Heni has got you. After all, why would you keep on visiting here every single day if you were not thinking of marriage? If you did not propose now, then it would be most irregular and could cause both of you great shame and loss of face.”

Silence fell upon the room and this time Hapu did not transgress the boundary. Instead, he changed the subject: “So, tell me what it was like, being potted I mean?”

“The short answer is that there is not much to tell. I had the process explained to me in detail beforehand, so I can give you a medical explanation – what is removed, how infection is avoided, how the pot is fitted and so on – but, in all honesty, I saw nothing of it first-hand. I remember the great ceremony in the Isis temple where I shall later live, the incense, the chanting, the fine robes and headdress that I had to wear which made me feel like Queen Merytaten-tasherit. And then, I remember going to the inner sanctum and drinking the sacred tea, but after that, I naturally blacked out. My sleep was dreamless – some girls have vivid visions and dreams, but I can’t recall any – and when I woke up, I was like this. The tea did not keep me drugged, of course, that was done in the hospital over the week or so that I was out cold. When I awoke I had already been taken home and so when I opened my eyes I saw the view before me now: this shrine room. Unlike some girls I had no complications,so I just had to adjust to my new state; not the easiest thing in the world, but I’d had training which helped a little.”

“Heni mentioned that. She still has to undergo it she says. Something about having her arms immobilised behind her back.”

“Yes, and she absolutely hates it! Since the age of twelve, our arms were trained to accept the monoglove, a kind of leather sleeve that keeps them immobile behind your back – very soon they deaden and you can’t even feel them. It is seen as essential for future potgirls, as it gets you used to not being able to use them, and so become dependent on others to feed you and help you with the toilet and turn the pages in a book, and so on. It was embarrassing at first, but as all girls of standing undergo it, I didn’t mind that much. It was normal. And for those girls who are not destined for a vase, then it is said to improve posture which it probably does since it makes you thrust your breasts out and keep your back arched. Preferable for marriage, I’d say. But has she mentioned the legbinders?”

Hapu just shook his head.

“Oh, those were similar leather pouches that restrained my legs. Each leg was folded back on itself and then laced tightly into its own leather pouch. Wearing them, I could do nothing with my legs save open and close them for toilet purposes. I was usually put in a stand with two holes for each pouch that could be wheeled about by Teo. Straight after my potisation was announced, I started spending more and more time in them until, by the end, I was never out of them and could hardly remember what it was like to have legs to walk around with. Heni was meant to wear them too, to help her empathise with my situation and to encourage discipline – young ladies are not meant to wander about at will, ‘they may get into trouble’ as we were told – but she soon wheedled out of it through some heavy doe-eyed pleading. Anyway, due to that training, when I did eventually wake up as a fully-fledged potgirl, whilst it was still an almighty change to get used to, I was somewhat prepared.”

“So what is it like, living in a pot?”

“Good and bad, I suppose. The biggest problem is boredom. You can’t do anything, nothing at all, for yourself. My neck is even stiffened. I mean, I can look around, but not like before… of course half of looking is turning your chest, which is now rooted in here. If I sneeze I cannot even wipe my nose. That was a massive thing during my training – being unable to scratch itches was hell early on, especially under the binders – but you get used to it; it is part of the spiritual dimension of potisation. Unable to solve the problem yourself, like a meditating monk, you work out ways of blocking it from your mind. That works well with itches, although with snot its harder. But Teo comes around regularly to wipe my face.”

“You’ve mentioned Teo several times; is she your maid?”

“Yes, and much more. Teo is my handmaiden but also my best friend in all the world. We are like sisters: far more so, I am afraid to say, then I am with Heni. It is not that Heni and I do not get on, but instead that Teo understands me far better. I could never see her as a mere servant, she is the most beautiful and wonderful person alive! Our family took her in as a young girl and we played together as children. She has made a vow dedicating her life to looking after me and she never agreed with me undergoing potisation; it really upset her. We share everything.”

“Have you told her about my visits?”

Seni looked to one side. “No, not that. Not yet. She may try to stop it. She would fear that we may get too attached as friends and that would both poison my relationship with my sister – Heni can be prone to jealousy, I’m afraid – and cause me too much hurt when I enter the temple.”

“Why? Couldn’t I still visit you there?”

“Visit, maybe, but only as a devotee I imagine; brief and in public. We could never get to know one another like this, intimately and alone.”

Again, silence descended on the room as something unspeakable had almost been said. This time it was Seni who changed the subject:

“I was telling you about what it is like; well, the helplessness, yes, but worse than that is the boredom. I mean, what is there to do all day but just stand here? And I say ‘stand’ almost in jest! I am beholden to my sister or father or aunt to order me moved or included in family activities. I have religious programmes to occupy me, and my prayers, but one can only pray so much. That is why I enjoy your company, Hapu; it is such a refreshing change!”

“So, that’s all I am? A change from religious indoctrination?”

“No, I didn’t mean that. Even if I wasn’t potted and could walk about and do things for myself, I would still love your company. You’re the first guy I’ve ever met – not that I’ve known many in this way – who can talk to a girl on her level, who is interested in her life and does not try to dictate everything. You’re really sweet and special.”

“As are you, Seni, as are you. Even though we’ve only just met, I feel like you’re my best friend.”

“I know, it’s weird isn’t it?And yet I feel exactly the same. I’ll hate it when we can no longer talk like this, although I do hope you’ll still visit me in the temple, even if it is only to offer supplications.”

“Of course I will, although you do realise that you are providing me with every incentive I need to delay marrying your sister.”

“I know.” They giggled together as the candles on the altar flickered.

“Carry on with your tale, please.”

“So, there is the boredom and the helplessness, but those I did anticipate and was trained for. What my training did not prepare me for though, was the overheating. Covered and contained as I am, I can no longer control my body temperature easily, and so I quickly become overheated in the daytime. That is why I am usually left in here as it is the coolest room in the house, open only slightly to the shaded side, but even then Teo has to come around regularly to flannel my face with a cold cloth. It is really hard, the heat, being unable to even cool myself down.”

“Are you hot now?”

“Feel for yourself.”

He put his hand on her cheek. It was slightly warm. “Seems ok.”

“Try the other cheek,” she whispered, gazing into his eyes.

Hapu put his other hand up and then moved his face forward until he was only centimetres away from hers. “What about your lips? Are they warmer or cooler than the rest of you?”

“I can’t tell, try them too.”

He leaned forward and placed his own lips on hers. No cheeks or foreheads, lips. They met and their mouths opened involuntarily. Before they knew it, their tongues were intermingling. Then she jerked her head backwards, only as far as she could manage, but enough.

“What is it?” he asked, shocked.

“You are due to marry my sister and I will enter the temple,” she replied coolly, a tear trickling down her cheek.

They sat for a while in silence as the tear dried in the balmy night.


Chapters 7-8

The Goddess Provides, Officially: Chapters 3-4


Chapters 1-2

Chapter 3

Hapu knocked on the large and ornately decorated wooden door of the Ankhkhaf residence. A servant answered. “I’ve come to see Miss Ankhkhaf,” he announced.

“Step inside please, Noble Mr.Nebet,” the servant replied.

Despite his earlier assertions to the goddess, Hapu had not returned to the sitting room and announced that he would not be visiting Miss Heni any further. Instead, he went back, his face aglow and indulged in another hour of conversation, giggling and the embarrassing antics of the elder Ankhkhaf sister who continually sidled up close to him, leaned over so he could catch a good view of her half-exposed breasts peeping out of her tight, white gown, and other such supposedly seductive moves. Indeed, now Hapu even enjoyed it a little. Perversely, her sister’s soothing words and smile setting him at ease in the company of one young female, seemed to have translated to this other, less subtle one too.

And at the end, he announced that he would be honoured to spend more time with Miss Ankhkhaf as he found her delightful and would love to get to know her better.

And that evening, he said exactly the same to his parents, who smiled like they had not smiled at him in a very long time.

To none of them though, did he mention which Ankhkhaf sister it was that he wished to spend more time with and would like to get to know better.

That night though, he lay awake in his bed, thinking about her, recalling every detail of her perfect face, from that winning smile to those sparkling eyes. As he did, his member grew hard and his hand strayed down towards it. As it did though, he wondered; could a potgirl even do… that. I mean, one required certain body parts and she did not have a body. On the other hand though, presumably potgirls needed to make wastes like the rest of us and he had noticed a small aperture in Seni’s pot towards the bottom, that had been modestly covered with a tiny curtain of white silk. Did that mean then that she could?

Thinking about it, for some inexplicable reason, excited him further. As he lay there on his bed, he imagined a life whereby what he was doing that minute would not be possible; indeed, nothing would be possible. A life where all you could do was stand there on a shelf, only able to move your head, and not much at that! You could remember what it was like to have a body and move about, but that was no longer possible. You would be totally reliant on servants for everything, from feeding you to wiping your bottom, from moving about to simply having a wash. It was beyond terrible to imagine and yet, at the same time, it weirdly excited him, giving his ministrations an intensity to them which he had never before experienced in his life until, recalling Seni’s perfume and her soft kiss on his forehead, he exploded with an orgasm so intense that he was left a panting wreck at the end.

Yes, he needed to see that girl again.

And so the very next morning, he went round to the Ankhkhaf residence immediately after breakfast.

Heni, when she joined him in the sitting room, was wearing a far less stylish and revealing dress than the previous afternoon. She was also wearing far less makeup and jewellery. Most noticeable of all though, was the fact that she was continually massaging her arms and rolling her shoulders as if something were up with them.

“Hapu, darling, I never expected to see you so soon!” she said, kissing him on the forehead after he had done the same to her.

“I enjoyed yesterday so much, I couldn’t wait to return,” he replied, truthfully.

“As did I, but you’ve caught me off guard. If you’d have given me advance warning I could have prettified myself for you.”

“You are more than pretty enough as it is,” he replied.

“Oh, you say the sweetest things!” she exclaimed, brushing his thigh with her olive-skinned hand before abruptly withdrawing it as a twinge of pain shot across her face.

“Are you alright? You seem in pain! If I have inconvenienced you then I can withdraw and return on a more suitable occasion.”

“Oh no, not at all. It is just that I have posture training in the mornings and my arms have only just been released and so they are still achy and full of twinges. In half an hour or so they will be back to normal and I’ll be able to tickle you to your heart’s content.”

She smiled wickedly and he grimaced inwardly. The thought of being tickled by Hentmereb Ankhkhaf was both exciting and terrifying at the same time. He needed to change the subject.

“What do you mean by posture training?”

“I can tell that you don’t have a sister! All of us ladies of standing undergo it. We have our arms laced behind us, palm-to-palm, elbow-to-elbow, in a single leather sleeve. Even our fingers have their own separate pouches so that we can’t even bend them. Most ladies commit a couple hours but I spend four hours every morning like that.”

The thought, like her sister Seni’s immobility within her vase, excited Hapu and he felt his member stiffen beneath his cloak. “But why?” he asked.

“Two reasons: one for posture. It forces our shoulders back and chest out so that we naturally walk, stand and sit with a more elegant and ladylike pose. Such things please you men I suppose. And then it is seen as preparation for potisation as it gets you used to being in a helpless and dependent state.”


“Not for me, silly, how can I marry you if I am potted? But families like ours always send one daughter to the temple as a potgirl to look after our spiritual well-being or something. To be honest, I’ve told Mamma and Papa that I shouldn’t have to undergo posture training anymore since my posture is flawless as it is, and my sister is the one in our family who was chosen to be the Ankhkhaf temple potgirl. And since she was potted several months ago, then what’s the point in me still enduring such a silly regime?”

“Your sister was potted?”

“Yeah, like I said, a few months back.”

“Why did they choose her and not you?”

“Well, I’m not exactly what you’d call the pious sort, if you know what I mean, whereas she was always a good little girl.” At these words, Heni gave a naughty wink. “Plus, I guess that I was always the pretty one, so it makes sense to leave me unpotted, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Well, you are very pretty so… maybe.”

Excited beyond measure at this conversation, his rod like iron beneath his cloak, Hapu stood up and said, “Excuse me, I need to use the toilet. I have slight bug I am afraid; I’ve been going… uhm… continually. So, why don’t I go know and give… given your arms time to recover from their… training…?”

“Oh Hapu darling, you are so considerate! I’ll be waiting for you when you return, waiting to tickle you!”

He ran.

Seni’s shrine room was bathed in light this time when he entered. She was standing on her shelf, a small TV monitor before her, playing some sort of religious programme. She looked up the moment that he stepped through the door and a look of both joy and shock passed across her face.

“Hapu! You’re back so soon! What a surprise!”

“I told you that I wanted us to become friends, so here I am.”

She frowned and looked a trifle embarrassed and, in an instant, Hapu saw why. The silk curtain maintaining her modesty had been removed displaying her intimate parts to the entire room. Worse still, beneath them stood a small brass dish half-full of an almost transparent liquid.

“You have caught me unawares,” she said, blushing. “This is highly embarrassing.”

“I… I…I am so sorry; I can go, I…”

“No! Don’t go! Please! It is embarrassing but I love your company. Besides, if you are to get to know a potgirl, then I suppose you must be warned that some things are a little embarrassing.”

“I suppose so, I mean, I did wonder about how… but then that’s not really appropriate to talk about and so…”

“Nonsense! If we are to become friends, why not get to know such things about one another? I just hadn’t anticipated things becoming this… intimate… so quickly. Actually, I hadn’t anticipated you actually returning to see me again. After all, why would anyone want to come and spend time with a boring old potgirl who can do nothing for herself?”

Seni’s face turned glum and Hapu felt sorry for her. “What do you mean, ‘boring old potgirl’? You’re not old and you’re definitely not boring; in fact, you’re the most exciting girl I’ve ever met in my life!”

She brightened up slightly. “Well, you’re just saying that.”

“No, not at all; you’re really cool, Seni. All the other girls I meet make me feel awkward and embarrassed but around you I can relax. Well, normally I can, aside from… you know…”

She laughed. “Oh Hapu, you’re such a gentleman! But thank you, what you’ve said means a lot, although you shouldn’t have said it at all.”

“Whyever not?”

“Because you’re meant to be marrying my sister; how would she feel if she heard you saying that I am the ‘most exciting’ girl you’ve ever met whilst she makes you feel awkward and embarrassed?”

“Well, she probably wouldn’t like it but, the thing is…” He leaned in towards her, so close that he could smell her delightful perfume again, and then whispered in her ear, “… it is true.”

“I can believe it is. She is a bit of a maneater who would make most guys feel awkward and embarrassed. She’s a tiger! Grrrr!”

With those words and the funny grimace on her face, both started laughing and laughing, until tears began to roll down Seni’s perfect cheeks.

When they calmed down, the potgirl said, “About down below, I’ll explain; I’ve just had my breakfast. As part of the potisation surgery, I’ve had half of my stomach and half of my bladder removed. I can’t keep stuff inside me for very long. It goes in and then, almost immediately, out again. My diet is largely liquid – I don’t need much these days to keep me going – and so, pretty soon it dribbles out and I can’t do much to control it anymore… side-effects, I guess. That’s why Teo always puts my little dish in front of me in the mornings, so it can tinkle out whilst I endure this frightfully boring series of programmes on the attributes of our beloved goddess.”

Hapu turned to the TV that was babbling on in the background. “Yes, it does sound rather dry.”

“All part of the preparation process for entering the temple, I’m afraid. I need to know all about the deity I’ll be serving.”

“When do you enter the temple?” Hapu asked, a worrying thought that he may not be able to visit this fantastic girl for much longer.

“Oh that depends,” Seni replied.

“On what?”

“On you.”


“Yes, you. I’m the younger daughter you see, and you know our culture: the younger cannot marry before the elder has wed. Well, obviously, I won’t be marrying anyone in the normal sense of the word, but my entering the temple is viewed as a sort-of marriage, ‘a union for all eternity to Holy Isis’, or that’s what they parrot at me. But it can’t happen until Heni gets married, an event which, at the present moment in time, seems to depend on you more than anyone else.”

“Oh, I see. But when you are in the temple, then will we still be able to be friends?”

“I don’t know. Can a temple potgirl receive visitors from the laity? Maybe she can, maybe not. To be honest, I’ve never asked. I never believed that I would have someone actually interested in seeing me before.” A tear escaped, dribbled down her cheek, and this time it was not one of mirth. Instinctively, Hapu reached forward and wiped it off with his finger. Seni smiled. “You need to go now,” she whispered.

“I know,” he replied, “although I don’t want to. I want to spend all day with you.”

“Me too, but we can’t.”

“I’ll think of something.”

“You try.”

He stood up to leave. “Bye!” he said.

“Wait!” she replied.


“A goodbye kiss… as friends…?”

“Of course.”

He leaned over to kiss her on the forehead but then, on an impulse, moved his face lower and planted one on her cheek where, moments before, the tear had lingered. Seni gasped. “Let me return the favour,” she whispered. Hapu turned his cheek to her mouth and felt her lips touch it and linger for a full second longer than is usual between friends.

Chapter 4

Back in the sitting room with Heni, all Hapu could think about was her potted sister alone in the shrine room, so close and yet sequestered. Heni had changed into a far more revealing dress, and her arms seemed to have recovered from their bondage now, for she was using them to touch him as if by accident and play casually with her hair or stroke her legs so as to bring attention to what she saw as her assets. Finding her conversation a little dull, but not wanting to leave the Ankhkhaf residence, he suggested that they do something.

“We could go for a walk in the grounds?” she suggested.

Hapu had a mental image of Heni grabbing him, leading him behind a bush and subjecting him to tickling or something worse. “No,” he replied, “it is too hot out at present. Why don’t we play a game or something? What about chess or sheshbesh?”

“I’m rubbish at chess and not much better at sheshbesh. Why not just snuggle up here and…”

“No, it would not be seemly. If your mother were to enter, it could cause you to get told off and I wouldn’t want that. Why not Monopoly? Everyone can play that!”

“Monopoly would be more fun I suppose, but it’s no good; Monopoly is best when you have three or four people but there is only the two of us.”

“Can’t you get someone else? A servant perhaps?”

“I wouldn’t dream of playing with a servant! What a silly idea, Hapu! No, there’s no one else. Let’s just…”

“Didn’t you say you had a sister? Why not let her play with us?”

“Seni? But she’s a potgirl! How can a potgirl play Monopoly?”

“Quite easily if we throw the dice and move the pieces for her. It’s not like cards where you have to keep your hand hidden and potgirls have minds just as good as anyone else’s.”

“You wouldn’t like Seni; she’s really intellectual and dull. It would be better if…”

“No, no, if she is your sister, Heni, then we should include her! And I am sure I would like her very much. Besides, if I am to enter this family, it makes sense that I get to know some of the other members as well. After all, if we did end up together, she would be my sister too.”

Faced with such an argument, Heni could not help but agree, so she reluctantly rang for a maid to bring her sister.

It was a rather surprised but glad Senisonbe Ankhkhaf who was carried into the sitting room several minutes later by her maid. Hapu noticed with a smile that she now had her private parts modestly covered up again and her make-up and hair had been touched up. He pretended not to recognise her at all and Seni, to her credit, played her part equally well.

“Hapu, this is my little sister Senisonbe,” announced Heni.

“An honour to make your acquaintance, Miss Senisonbe,” replied Hapu with a bow.

“Please, sir, call me Seni.”

“And Seni, this is Hapu, the guy I was telling you all about.”

“And he is everything you said, Heni, and more. Why, if I still had arms and legs, I’d walk right over there this minute and try and grab him off you.”

“Well, no danger of that happening, is there? Hapu here wants to play Monopoly and I thought you’d like to join us.”

“That would be marvellous. You must have told him how much I enjoy playing games. Can I be the serpent?”

“If you like.”

“And I will shake the dice for you, Seni.”

“That is most kind of you, Hapu,” she replied with her heart-melting smile.

The hour that followed was one of the most enjoyable in Hapu’s entire life. It was obvious that, despite their shortness with one another, there was a deep and genuine affection between the two sisters, though he could not help but reflect on the fact that, time and time again, when comparing the two, Seni always came out on top. She was kinder, cleverer, funnier and prettier. The only thing that Heni could trump her on was sexier, but then that is easy when your competition doesn’t even have a body.

One thing that was also clear is that the two, like so many siblings, were also intensely competitive. Although she threw better, Heni made several bad choices with regards to buying property – who throws away a chance at the greens yet she landed on Ramses II Street and did not buy it! – and so, after a good hour and a half, it was a stalemate, as neither could finish off the other. Hapu, on the other hand, who had thrown terribly all game, was well behind and could never hope to win and so, after yet another ill-fated move, he throw his hands up and declared, “I’m outta here! It’s between you two ladies now!”

“But what about your properties?” asked Heni.

“You may buy them when you land on them.”

“Well, I’m on Seti I Avenue, so I’ll have that right away,” interjected Seni.

“You can’t do that! You were on it already and…”

“Yes she can, I’m the banker. That’s 350 pounds please!”

“Wait! She can’t!”

“She can and she will, sis! Brilliant! Now we can really have a fight to the death.”

Which they did, but after a stormy half an hour had passed, it became clear that only one girl was going to win and it wasn’t the one with arms. In frustration, Heni threw the board up in the air, scattering the pieces and said, “You win then, but only through cheating! I would have triumphed otherwise! Hapu, you are mean; you only did that to spite me! You should be on my side, not hers!”

Chapters 5-6

The Goddess Provides, Officially: Chapters 1-2

The Goddess Provides, Officially

Author’s note: This potgirl story is set in the same alternative Egypt as my earlier tale, The Gift Offering. I recommend reading that first as it provides an introduction to the reality in which Hapu, Heni, Seni and all the others live.

Once again, thanks to Cafterhomme for extensive editing and suggestions.


Chapter 1

Hapu took a deep breath. The room was quiet and dark; just what he needed. He needed time to think, to get his head straight, to sort-out a suitable course of action.

Why was it always like this? Most of his friends enjoyed courting young ladies and looked forward to their dates. They boasted of the girl’s wit or looks – more often the looks – and what an impressive dowry they would receive should they agree to marry them. But then, most of his friends did not have parents powerful Nebet clan.

“No, it is wrong to blame Mother and Father,” he says to himself in a low voice. I am to blame, not them. They only want me to be happy and to find a suitable girl who can carry on the noble Nebet line. It is me who can’t cope with the courting and the girls that they find for me.”

He thinks he hears a noise and looks up and around. But there is no one there; this room is empty, some sort of household shrine room to Isis. There’s nothing in it; just the altar to the goddess, quotes from scripture on the walls and a vase on a shelf. Or at least, it looks like a vase, though in this light one cannot tell. The flickering shadow before the holy statue doesn’t illuminate much. He is safe. He turns to the goddess whose sanctuary this is and implores her to help him:

“Holy Isis, what should I do? What is up with me? With some men it is because they do not find girls attractive; they prefer a young boy to share their bed. But I am not like that; I do find them attractive. Well, most of them. That one father arranged for me to court two weeks ago was pretty awful, but most of them are sexy; they inflame my loins and I do confess to thinking of them when I am in bed at night with my manhood in my hand. This one especially. Her name is Heni – you know that of course, I am sorry for being so silly – but, she is really sexy. She has an amazing figure, a lovely bum and her face is nice, beautiful dark eyes that I feel I could dive right into. But even so, even though in one way I’d love to kiss her and learn to do the sex thing with her, on the other hand… aargh! She is too much; they are all too much, but she is especially so. All of these girls, they like the sound of their own voice; it is like they want to control me. I have only met this Heni today and she is already throwing herself at me. She tells me that she thinks I’m cute and puts her hand in mine and speaks of love, but how can we be in love? I mean, come on, we have only just met and I know that she’s lying because I’m not half as good looking as most of the lads in school, nor as charming or charismatic or whatever it is that girls like. I am just boring old me and I know that she is all enthusiastic because she knows that if we marry she will enter the nobility and bear children with an ancient name, not to mention come into great wealth. She is doing her duty I suppose, as am I, but I don’t want duty, I want love, someone who wants me for who I am, rather than my name and fortune. And I want a girl who does not try to control all the conversation, who is not so in-your-face all the time. Heni is nice I daresay, she is probably lovely, but she is too much, way too much for me. With her I’d have no freedom in life! Oh, I will have to tell them that, but how? It is so hard; I don’t want to hurt her feelings, or that of her parents and then what about Mother and Father. Father said to me that his patience is running out and that if I don’t choose a bride soon, then he will choose one for me and not give me an option. And what if he chooses an absolutely dragon who’s even bossier than Heni but ugly to boot? Oh, Holy Isis, what should I do? Guide me onto the right path and please, do it quick, because I told them I’d popped out to the toilet and if I don’t return to the main chamber soon, they’ll wonder what has happened to me and might even come looking! Help me, sacred goddess, I implore you!”

And as he finished his monologue and silence began to take over, from behind him a female voice said softly, “Don’t be so hard on Heni; she’s bossy it’s true, but she has a good heart. And don’t be so hard on yourself too; you really are quite cute even if you don’t believe it yourself.”

Chapter 2

It was a girl. A girl around his age with jet black braided hair cut into a stylish bob, captivating dark eyes and a beautiful smile. On her head she wore a hooded cobra golden circlet signifying nobility whilst below her head… well, below her head she was not there. Or at least, she couldn’t be seen. Instead, there was only an ornate ceramic vase. She was a potgirl.


“What? You… I’m… err, I… didn’t realise… I thought I was alone… I disturbed you miss, I’m so sorry!”

“It’s not problem at all. I was actually bored out of my mind just standing here in the dark. This is meant to be my contemplation and prayer hour, but I often just drift off. I’ve never been much good at praying I suppose, which is a bit of a bummer considering my future career. You coming in here and having a chat with our goddess rather made my day! By the way, Senisonbe Ankhkhaf at your service. I’d shake your hand but obviously I can’t.”

“I, err, I said things that were meant to be private; oh, I didn’t mean to and… and Senisonbe Ankhkhaf did you say? If your name is Ankhkhaf then you must be…”

“…Heni’s little sister? Yep, that’s me! Much littler than her in fact. Well, these days I am. And you, I assume, are Hapuneseb Nebet?”

“You know my name?”

“I’ve heard of little else these past few days. My sister and parents felt very honoured that a Nebet would consider courting an Ankhkhaf. They’re desperate for you to agree to marry her.”

“They are? Oh dear, I mean, she’s lovely and everything but… oh, this is terrible! You heard everything and now… please Senisonbe, forgive me and…”

“Shh! Don’t you worry, I won’t breathe a word to anyone.”

“Thank you, thank you so much, Senisonbe!”

“Nonsense, friends confide in each other! And I’d like to think we could be friends. And by the way, why so formal, Noble Mister Hapuneseb Nebet? I’m Seni to my friends.”

Hapu looked at this smiling, bubbly potgirl. Just seeing her face made him feel better. Could he be friends with her? He would like nothing more! This was the first girl that he’d ever met whom he’d been able to have a conversation with where he didn’t feel ashamed, awkward or terribly embarrassed. Why, he was actually enjoying her company! “I’d like that too… Seni, I’d like that very much!”

“Excellent! Now, as I said already, we’d normally shake on something like that, but, as you can see, well… so instead, would you mind kissing me to seal our new friendship?”

“Kissing you?! But that would be…!”

“Not on the lips, silly, on the forehead. I’d come over to you, but…”

“No, no! I quite understand. I’ll come over to you.” He got up, walked over to her and stood next to her, his face level with hers due to the height of the shelf that her pot was resting on. As he did, he took in the vase that she was encased within: the creamy colour of the clay, the ceramic neckpiece around the top, the elegant handles on either side. Then he moved his eyes upwards to confront the head that emerged from the top, the seal between the two so tight that he doubted he could get a fingertip in there. Although only a head, it was one of the most beautiful that he had ever set his eyes upon, from those lively brown eyes, to the smooth cheeks, perfect rosebud lips and elegant neck emerging from the vase that imprisoned it. He leaned forward and planted a light peck on her forehead. As he did, he breathed in and smelt the seductive aroma of her perfume, his body tingling with a hitherto unknown feeling as he did so. He withdrew, looking at her eyes and smiled but when she glanced back at him, he felt embarrassed and turned aside.

“Not so quick! We have only half-sealed the bargain,” she said.

“Excuse me?”

“I have to kiss your forehead now. Bend down please; I can’t do this myself.”

“Oh, I… err… yes, of course.”

And so Hapu bent his head before her own, taking in her feminine aroma once more and then, whilst staring at her pot, felt a pair of lips lightly kiss his forehead. Although the touch was light, never before in all his twenty-years in this life, had he felt so happy and so excited to be with another human being. He withdrew and looked at her, drinking in her captivating smile and enchanting eyes once again.

“I do hope that our friendship will be a long and close one,” she said. “I get so lonely here sometimes and it would mean a great deal to me if you could come round and see me from time to time. You’re a lovely young man, you know. However, I want you out of my room this very instant!”

“Why?” asked Hapu, shocked at Seni’s sudden change of tone.

“Because you have some courting to get back to and you have tarried too long in here. If you don’t leave now, not only will you get in trouble, but I’ll probably get a telling off as well and I don’t want that, particularly if it meant we were stopped from seeing one another.”

“Yes, I suppose you’re right. That would be awful, but I do want to see you again soon, I really do. I hope we meet again. Bye Seni!”

And so he left, pausing at the door to drink in a last look at those eyes and that joyful smile before turning on his heels and making his way back to his potential bride-to-be.


Chapters 3-4

The Thracian Goddess

The Thracian Goddess

thracian princess diana

Vulcan has kindly translated this tale into German: Die thrakische Göttin


Diana Filkova sighed. Not long now. Just bear with it and all will be ok.

She was with her partner, the twenty-years-her-senior Mark Vogel. They’d been an item for two years now, ever since she met him at a reception for prospective historians organised by her university. She was looking for a summer placement at the time and they had just clicked. He was handsome, funny, charming and absolutely loaded. He also offered her a job. “My job is in tech, but I’ve long had a passion for history. I live on the Greek Island of Draxos and I’m sponsoring a dig there of an ancient Greek temple complex. You seem like just the sort of girl we could do with on-site. Are you interested?”

Interested? Of course she was! The wages he were offering were exorbitant compared with what she could get in Bulgaria and the opportunity sounded like a golden one to improve her CV. So, she signed up and, at dinner that night, also signed up to a whole lot more.

She didn’t love Mark, of course. Why, he was old enough to be her dad! But he was ok to get along with, extremely generous with his cash and, besides, she didn’t have a boyfriend as it was. Plus he lived in a vast, luxurious mansion on a private island just off the coast of Draxos, with full spa facilities, a swimming pool and balconies affording gorgeous views of the Aegean. Her plan was a simple one: stay with him until she’d finished uni, saving all the gifts and fancies he gave her and then, when she graduated, use all of them to pay for her MA, something she could never afford otherwise.

The MA that she’d signed up for that coming September. Not that she’d told Mark of course; after all, why waste the holidays alone? No, she would tell him next week in a note after she had left.

But sometimes she wished that the days would roll on by far quicker than they did. He was beginning to bore her and his pawing at her body in bed was now annoying. Plus, he could get so obsessive about things; like today for example. He had insisted that they jet over to Athens to do some shopping. But it wasn’t the kind of shopping that she enjoyed, instead it was about buying household decorations. Yawn! Still, needs must.

When they arrived in the city, they took a taxi to the studio of one Yiorgos Hatziastros, a potter of some renown who was, apparently, a friend of Mark’s. “He’s done work for me in the past and it’s always been of the highest standard,” said Mark. Diana looked out of the window.

At the studio, the two men greeted one another like long-lost brothers. Mark then introduced Diana and, to her surprise, made an announcement: “I want to buy my darling something really special, not just the usual trinket, but something of artistic as well as monetary value, to symbolise our deep love for one another. She is training to become an archaeologist and so I thought, why not have Yiorgos make me a unique, personalised pot in the Ancient Greek tradition?”

At these words Diana’s heart melted. At the reply from Yiorgos, it nearly went into overdrive.

“That is fine, of course my friend, but they do not come cheap. My Ancient Greek-style work starts at 10,000 euros a piece.”

10,000 euros! That was the entire cost of the MA!

“The price is not a factor, only the quality. As you can see, she is my Greek goddess and so why not make her a Greek vase.”

“Forgive me for contradicting you,” said Yiorgos, “but I sense that the young lady is not Greek. Balkan, maybe, but Greek, no.”

“That is right, I am Bulgarian, from Plovdiv.”

“Then may I make a suggestion. Since the lady is not Greek, maybe a Greek vase is inappropriate, but you are Bulgarian, yes, and the Bulgarians are the descendents, some say, of the Ancient Thracians, an equally civilised people. So why not try a Thracian-style design instead?”

Those words caused Diana to like this man all the more. Most Greeks are disparaging about their northern neighbours, but he saw their ancient glory as well as their current poverty.

“That would be marvellous!” she replied.

They looked at some designs and worked something out, based on a pot design of black-painted ceramics with gold leaf images. The ones on the example told the story of an ancient Thracian king, but Yiorgos suggested they change them to the story of the sorceress ‘Thrace’, founder of the ancient civilisation, who was said to be daughter of Oceanus and sister to Europa. “And we will give her your face for you truly look like a mythical goddess who has entrapped my friend’s heart with your sorcery!” added the potter.

thracian princess pot

After the visit to the potter, Mark then took her to an upmarket tailor who proceeded to make a very special outfit for her, contemporary but based on ancient Thracian fashion, all flowing gowns that felt sumptuous on her skin. Then he took her to the city’s greatest stylist who made up her hair – previously in a plain ponytail – like an ancient Thracian noblewoman. Thus, looking like the goddess that Mark believed she was, they dined at a fine restaurant before retiring back to their five star hotel for a bout of lovemaking. Although bored of Mark in bed, after he had been so generous – and feeling a little guilty for her forthcoming deception – Diana let him do whatever he wanted with her and that night he seemed to take an inordinate amount of time caressing her legs and fondling her shapely ass.

And when they had finished the lovemaking, they ordered wine and, after drinking her glass, Diana fell into a deep, contented sleep.


When she awoke, Diana knew that something was wrong. She opened her eyes but no light entered. Not even a chink. And, when she tried to move, her body somehow did not respond. She cried out but that realised that something – it felt like a rod of some sort – was lodged in her mouth, and all that came out was an mmphf. Fear took over.

Then, out of the darkness, came a soothing voice. “Good morning, darling. I trust you slept well.”

It was Mark. She mmphfed again and he spoke once more. “You are trying to speak, no? Well, that is not possible now as there is a gag in your mouth. I shall remove it soon, but first let me move you somewhere better.

And she felt herself being moved. Her body, totally unresponsive, was lifted and carried. Yet she never felt any hands touch her. Indeed, she felt somehow enclosed, or encased. It was weird. Not all of her though. She could feel the wind on her face and her breasts and her private parts. The rest though, was somehow covered up.

She was placed down and she felt Mark draw near. He kissed her lightly on her forehead and then did something to her eyes. Immediately the light rushed in. She blinked and adjusted herself. She was sitting on the balcony of their house in Draxos that overlooked the blue waters of the Aegean. There was not a cloud in sight and in the distance she could make out the white triangle of a yacht’s sail.

“The cause of the blindness was these,” said Mark. He was holding a pair of contact lenses in the palm of his hand. They were totally black. Anyone wearing them would have no sight whatsoever. But why…?

“I’ve made a few changes,” he said, smiling. And then he turned her around to face a full-length mirror. What was reflected back at her stunned her completely. Still smiling, he took out the gag, which transpired to be both large and penis-shaped.

“What the fuck have you done to me?” she cried.

“I gave you a boob job like I promised,” he replied.

Mark HAD mentioned a boob job before. Diana liked her tits but they were rather small and a little saggy. They were neither now, instead two bulging orbs projected from her chest. Or at least, from where her chest should have been.

Oh yes, the boob job was the least of her problems.

She was in the pot that they had commissioned. Yes, that is right: encased within the vase, her head sticking out of the top and her boobs squeezed out of two windows on the front while, down below them, there was another, smaller window, through which her denuded pussy and anus could be seen.

“I had the boobs done after you were potted. I think they look better than way although I’m sorry if the fit is now a bit tight,” Mark continued, still talking about her bloody tits.

“Forget my boobs! What have you done to the rest of me? Why can’t I feel or move my arms and legs?”

“Oh, because they aren’t there anymore. They were the first things that the surgeon removed. Then he cut you open and removed the non-vital organs and all your bones save for the spine. Your entire body size is now comparable to your head, hence you being able to fit so snugly into your pot. Do you like how it has come out? Yiorgos has done a fine job, don’t you think?”

Diana was in shock. “But… why? Why am I in a pot?”

“Because I believe women look prettier in them. Plus, potted girls are far less likely to leave their future spouses.” He looked at her gravely. “I know your plans and intentions. I was your sugar daddy, useful to pay for your forthcoming MA. Not that you’ll be able to do that now, of course; after all, what use is an archaeologist with no limbs? No, I would never have potted you had you stayed true and faithful. But come on, Diana, did you really expect a guy who works in tech not to hack into your emails and social media?”

“How dare you! I’ll…”

“You’ll stay quiet,” he replied and replaced the gag. There was absolutely nothing she could do to stop him. Then, to her horror, he picked up the contact lenses once again and refitted them. Her world plunged into blackness. Silenced, blinded and immobile. It was like a descent into hell.

“Let me tell you how this works,” continued Mark’s voice. “You are now my potgirl, my Thracian goddess. You will live here for the rest of your days, spending your time in leisured luxury relaxing on the balcony or in a room. You will be cared for by your maid. A great advantage about living in Greece these days is the steady flow of illegal migrants. The girl I’ve got for you is Sudanese. She doesn’t speak a word of English and can’t run off. She will see to your every need save for that most important one…”

His voice trailed off and she felt a finger trace over her nipples and then touch her clit. She shuddered in both horror and delight. “Your sexual needs. You are still my girlfriend after all; we never broke up. I will continue to be your partner and may even offer you my hand in marriage one day. Why, we could even have kids as I’ve saved your eggs; all we require is a willing surrogate and, like I said, with a steady flow of migrants… However, you need to be willing in all this. I will never force myself upon you, nor will I endure abusive language or behaviour. That’s why you’re gagged and blinded now. If you misbehave, you will wear one or the other. If you bite my tongue when we’re kissing, or my cock when you’re giving me a blow job, then the lenses will be in for months, ear plugs too. But behave, woo me, couple with me, chat with me, and you can be rewarded and not just with sex. It can get quite lonely out here on this island, but I have friends with partners, potgirls like yourself. Indeed, Yiorgos is desperate to bring his wife Melissa around. That can be your first reward for good behaviour. Think about it, my Thracian goddess.”

And with those words he left her there, blank eyes staring into nothing, mouth gagged, naught more than an elegant household decoration in the luxury mansion of Mark Vogel.

As his footsteps faded into the distance, Diana realised that she had a lot of thinking and adjusting to do. Fat tears fell from her eyes onto her pot, running down the shiny surface like raindrops until they soaked into her protruding breasts.