The Goddess Provides, Officially: Chapters 3-4


Chapters 1-2

Chapter 3

Hapu knocked on the large and ornately decorated wooden door of the Ankhkhaf residence. A servant answered. “I’ve come to see Miss Ankhkhaf,” he announced.

“Step inside please, Noble Mr.Nebet,” the servant replied.

Despite his earlier assertions to the goddess, Hapu had not returned to the sitting room and announced that he would not be visiting Miss Heni any further. Instead, he went back, his face aglow and indulged in another hour of conversation, giggling and the embarrassing antics of the elder Ankhkhaf sister who continually sidled up close to him, leaned over so he could catch a good view of her half-exposed breasts peeping out of her tight, white gown, and other such supposedly seductive moves. Indeed, now Hapu even enjoyed it a little. Perversely, her sister’s soothing words and smile setting him at ease in the company of one young female, seemed to have translated to this other, less subtle one too.

And at the end, he announced that he would be honoured to spend more time with Miss Ankhkhaf as he found her delightful and would love to get to know her better.

And that evening, he said exactly the same to his parents, who smiled like they had not smiled at him in a very long time.

To none of them though, did he mention which Ankhkhaf sister it was that he wished to spend more time with and would like to get to know better.

That night though, he lay awake in his bed, thinking about her, recalling every detail of her perfect face, from that winning smile to those sparkling eyes. As he did, his member grew hard and his hand strayed down towards it. As it did though, he wondered; could a potgirl even do… that. I mean, one required certain body parts and she did not have a body. On the other hand though, presumably potgirls needed to make wastes like the rest of us and he had noticed a small aperture in Seni’s pot towards the bottom, that had been modestly covered with a tiny curtain of white silk. Did that mean then that she could?

Thinking about it, for some inexplicable reason, excited him further. As he lay there on his bed, he imagined a life whereby what he was doing that minute would not be possible; indeed, nothing would be possible. A life where all you could do was stand there on a shelf, only able to move your head, and not much at that! You could remember what it was like to have a body and move about, but that was no longer possible. You would be totally reliant on servants for everything, from feeding you to wiping your bottom, from moving about to simply having a wash. It was beyond terrible to imagine and yet, at the same time, it weirdly excited him, giving his ministrations an intensity to them which he had never before experienced in his life until, recalling Seni’s perfume and her soft kiss on his forehead, he exploded with an orgasm so intense that he was left a panting wreck at the end.

Yes, he needed to see that girl again.

And so the very next morning, he went round to the Ankhkhaf residence immediately after breakfast.

Heni, when she joined him in the sitting room, was wearing a far less stylish and revealing dress than the previous afternoon. She was also wearing far less makeup and jewellery. Most noticeable of all though, was the fact that she was continually massaging her arms and rolling her shoulders as if something were up with them.

“Hapu, darling, I never expected to see you so soon!” she said, kissing him on the forehead after he had done the same to her.

“I enjoyed yesterday so much, I couldn’t wait to return,” he replied, truthfully.

“As did I, but you’ve caught me off guard. If you’d have given me advance warning I could have prettified myself for you.”

“You are more than pretty enough as it is,” he replied.

“Oh, you say the sweetest things!” she exclaimed, brushing his thigh with her olive-skinned hand before abruptly withdrawing it as a twinge of pain shot across her face.

“Are you alright? You seem in pain! If I have inconvenienced you then I can withdraw and return on a more suitable occasion.”

“Oh no, not at all. It is just that I have posture training in the mornings and my arms have only just been released and so they are still achy and full of twinges. In half an hour or so they will be back to normal and I’ll be able to tickle you to your heart’s content.”

She smiled wickedly and he grimaced inwardly. The thought of being tickled by Hentmereb Ankhkhaf was both exciting and terrifying at the same time. He needed to change the subject.

“What do you mean by posture training?”

“I can tell that you don’t have a sister! All of us ladies of standing undergo it. We have our arms laced behind us, palm-to-palm, elbow-to-elbow, in a single leather sleeve. Even our fingers have their own separate pouches so that we can’t even bend them. Most ladies commit a couple hours but I spend four hours every morning like that.”

The thought, like her sister Seni’s immobility within her vase, excited Hapu and he felt his member stiffen beneath his cloak. “But why?” he asked.

“Two reasons: one for posture. It forces our shoulders back and chest out so that we naturally walk, stand and sit with a more elegant and ladylike pose. Such things please you men I suppose. And then it is seen as preparation for potisation as it gets you used to being in a helpless and dependent state.”


“Not for me, silly, how can I marry you if I am potted? But families like ours always send one daughter to the temple as a potgirl to look after our spiritual well-being or something. To be honest, I’ve told Mamma and Papa that I shouldn’t have to undergo posture training anymore since my posture is flawless as it is, and my sister is the one in our family who was chosen to be the Ankhkhaf temple potgirl. And since she was potted several months ago, then what’s the point in me still enduring such a silly regime?”

“Your sister was potted?”

“Yeah, like I said, a few months back.”

“Why did they choose her and not you?”

“Well, I’m not exactly what you’d call the pious sort, if you know what I mean, whereas she was always a good little girl.” At these words, Heni gave a naughty wink. “Plus, I guess that I was always the pretty one, so it makes sense to leave me unpotted, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Well, you are very pretty so… maybe.”

Excited beyond measure at this conversation, his rod like iron beneath his cloak, Hapu stood up and said, “Excuse me, I need to use the toilet. I have slight bug I am afraid; I’ve been going… uhm… continually. So, why don’t I go know and give… given your arms time to recover from their… training…?”

“Oh Hapu darling, you are so considerate! I’ll be waiting for you when you return, waiting to tickle you!”

He ran.

Seni’s shrine room was bathed in light this time when he entered. She was standing on her shelf, a small TV monitor before her, playing some sort of religious programme. She looked up the moment that he stepped through the door and a look of both joy and shock passed across her face.

“Hapu! You’re back so soon! What a surprise!”

“I told you that I wanted us to become friends, so here I am.”

She frowned and looked a trifle embarrassed and, in an instant, Hapu saw why. The silk curtain maintaining her modesty had been removed displaying her intimate parts to the entire room. Worse still, beneath them stood a small brass dish half-full of an almost transparent liquid.

“You have caught me unawares,” she said, blushing. “This is highly embarrassing.”

“I… I…I am so sorry; I can go, I…”

“No! Don’t go! Please! It is embarrassing but I love your company. Besides, if you are to get to know a potgirl, then I suppose you must be warned that some things are a little embarrassing.”

“I suppose so, I mean, I did wonder about how… but then that’s not really appropriate to talk about and so…”

“Nonsense! If we are to become friends, why not get to know such things about one another? I just hadn’t anticipated things becoming this… intimate… so quickly. Actually, I hadn’t anticipated you actually returning to see me again. After all, why would anyone want to come and spend time with a boring old potgirl who can do nothing for herself?”

Seni’s face turned glum and Hapu felt sorry for her. “What do you mean, ‘boring old potgirl’? You’re not old and you’re definitely not boring; in fact, you’re the most exciting girl I’ve ever met in my life!”

She brightened up slightly. “Well, you’re just saying that.”

“No, not at all; you’re really cool, Seni. All the other girls I meet make me feel awkward and embarrassed but around you I can relax. Well, normally I can, aside from… you know…”

She laughed. “Oh Hapu, you’re such a gentleman! But thank you, what you’ve said means a lot, although you shouldn’t have said it at all.”

“Whyever not?”

“Because you’re meant to be marrying my sister; how would she feel if she heard you saying that I am the ‘most exciting’ girl you’ve ever met whilst she makes you feel awkward and embarrassed?”

“Well, she probably wouldn’t like it but, the thing is…” He leaned in towards her, so close that he could smell her delightful perfume again, and then whispered in her ear, “… it is true.”

“I can believe it is. She is a bit of a maneater who would make most guys feel awkward and embarrassed. She’s a tiger! Grrrr!”

With those words and the funny grimace on her face, both started laughing and laughing, until tears began to roll down Seni’s perfect cheeks.

When they calmed down, the potgirl said, “About down below, I’ll explain; I’ve just had my breakfast. As part of the potisation surgery, I’ve had half of my stomach and half of my bladder removed. I can’t keep stuff inside me for very long. It goes in and then, almost immediately, out again. My diet is largely liquid – I don’t need much these days to keep me going – and so, pretty soon it dribbles out and I can’t do much to control it anymore… side-effects, I guess. That’s why Teo always puts my little dish in front of me in the mornings, so it can tinkle out whilst I endure this frightfully boring series of programmes on the attributes of our beloved goddess.”

Hapu turned to the TV that was babbling on in the background. “Yes, it does sound rather dry.”

“All part of the preparation process for entering the temple, I’m afraid. I need to know all about the deity I’ll be serving.”

“When do you enter the temple?” Hapu asked, a worrying thought that he may not be able to visit this fantastic girl for much longer.

“Oh that depends,” Seni replied.

“On what?”

“On you.”


“Yes, you. I’m the younger daughter you see, and you know our culture: the younger cannot marry before the elder has wed. Well, obviously, I won’t be marrying anyone in the normal sense of the word, but my entering the temple is viewed as a sort-of marriage, ‘a union for all eternity to Holy Isis’, or that’s what they parrot at me. But it can’t happen until Heni gets married, an event which, at the present moment in time, seems to depend on you more than anyone else.”

“Oh, I see. But when you are in the temple, then will we still be able to be friends?”

“I don’t know. Can a temple potgirl receive visitors from the laity? Maybe she can, maybe not. To be honest, I’ve never asked. I never believed that I would have someone actually interested in seeing me before.” A tear escaped, dribbled down her cheek, and this time it was not one of mirth. Instinctively, Hapu reached forward and wiped it off with his finger. Seni smiled. “You need to go now,” she whispered.

“I know,” he replied, “although I don’t want to. I want to spend all day with you.”

“Me too, but we can’t.”

“I’ll think of something.”

“You try.”

He stood up to leave. “Bye!” he said.

“Wait!” she replied.


“A goodbye kiss… as friends…?”

“Of course.”

He leaned over to kiss her on the forehead but then, on an impulse, moved his face lower and planted one on her cheek where, moments before, the tear had lingered. Seni gasped. “Let me return the favour,” she whispered. Hapu turned his cheek to her mouth and felt her lips touch it and linger for a full second longer than is usual between friends.

Chapter 4

Back in the sitting room with Heni, all Hapu could think about was her potted sister alone in the shrine room, so close and yet sequestered. Heni had changed into a far more revealing dress, and her arms seemed to have recovered from their bondage now, for she was using them to touch him as if by accident and play casually with her hair or stroke her legs so as to bring attention to what she saw as her assets. Finding her conversation a little dull, but not wanting to leave the Ankhkhaf residence, he suggested that they do something.

“We could go for a walk in the grounds?” she suggested.

Hapu had a mental image of Heni grabbing him, leading him behind a bush and subjecting him to tickling or something worse. “No,” he replied, “it is too hot out at present. Why don’t we play a game or something? What about chess or sheshbesh?”

“I’m rubbish at chess and not much better at sheshbesh. Why not just snuggle up here and…”

“No, it would not be seemly. If your mother were to enter, it could cause you to get told off and I wouldn’t want that. Why not Monopoly? Everyone can play that!”

“Monopoly would be more fun I suppose, but it’s no good; Monopoly is best when you have three or four people but there is only the two of us.”

“Can’t you get someone else? A servant perhaps?”

“I wouldn’t dream of playing with a servant! What a silly idea, Hapu! No, there’s no one else. Let’s just…”

“Didn’t you say you had a sister? Why not let her play with us?”

“Seni? But she’s a potgirl! How can a potgirl play Monopoly?”

“Quite easily if we throw the dice and move the pieces for her. It’s not like cards where you have to keep your hand hidden and potgirls have minds just as good as anyone else’s.”

“You wouldn’t like Seni; she’s really intellectual and dull. It would be better if…”

“No, no, if she is your sister, Heni, then we should include her! And I am sure I would like her very much. Besides, if I am to enter this family, it makes sense that I get to know some of the other members as well. After all, if we did end up together, she would be my sister too.”

Faced with such an argument, Heni could not help but agree, so she reluctantly rang for a maid to bring her sister.

It was a rather surprised but glad Senisonbe Ankhkhaf who was carried into the sitting room several minutes later by her maid. Hapu noticed with a smile that she now had her private parts modestly covered up again and her make-up and hair had been touched up. He pretended not to recognise her at all and Seni, to her credit, played her part equally well.

“Hapu, this is my little sister Senisonbe,” announced Heni.

“An honour to make your acquaintance, Miss Senisonbe,” replied Hapu with a bow.

“Please, sir, call me Seni.”

“And Seni, this is Hapu, the guy I was telling you all about.”

“And he is everything you said, Heni, and more. Why, if I still had arms and legs, I’d walk right over there this minute and try and grab him off you.”

“Well, no danger of that happening, is there? Hapu here wants to play Monopoly and I thought you’d like to join us.”

“That would be marvellous. You must have told him how much I enjoy playing games. Can I be the serpent?”

“If you like.”

“And I will shake the dice for you, Seni.”

“That is most kind of you, Hapu,” she replied with her heart-melting smile.

The hour that followed was one of the most enjoyable in Hapu’s entire life. It was obvious that, despite their shortness with one another, there was a deep and genuine affection between the two sisters, though he could not help but reflect on the fact that, time and time again, when comparing the two, Seni always came out on top. She was kinder, cleverer, funnier and prettier. The only thing that Heni could trump her on was sexier, but then that is easy when your competition doesn’t even have a body.

One thing that was also clear is that the two, like so many siblings, were also intensely competitive. Although she threw better, Heni made several bad choices with regards to buying property – who throws away a chance at the greens yet she landed on Ramses II Street and did not buy it! – and so, after a good hour and a half, it was a stalemate, as neither could finish off the other. Hapu, on the other hand, who had thrown terribly all game, was well behind and could never hope to win and so, after yet another ill-fated move, he throw his hands up and declared, “I’m outta here! It’s between you two ladies now!”

“But what about your properties?” asked Heni.

“You may buy them when you land on them.”

“Well, I’m on Seti I Avenue, so I’ll have that right away,” interjected Seni.

“You can’t do that! You were on it already and…”

“Yes she can, I’m the banker. That’s 350 pounds please!”

“Wait! She can’t!”

“She can and she will, sis! Brilliant! Now we can really have a fight to the death.”

Which they did, but after a stormy half an hour had passed, it became clear that only one girl was going to win and it wasn’t the one with arms. In frustration, Heni threw the board up in the air, scattering the pieces and said, “You win then, but only through cheating! I would have triumphed otherwise! Hapu, you are mean; you only did that to spite me! You should be on my side, not hers!”

Chapters 5-6

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    • I know Nye, please bear with me. I promise my potgirl phase is nearing its end. This was the story I really wanted to write and it is done now. There may be potentially be one in the future, but it’ll be back to more usual kink in the meantime. On another note, I have been helping Shmabahomaha on his/her recent tale and I think you may find that very much to your taste.


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