Index of Stories

The Tale of Anastasia

In an alternative reality Britain society is still dominated by Victorian values and fashions, though new technologies are employed which enable the men to fetishise their women further than the Victorians ever could. Into this world a young, free Soviet girl is cast. Anastasia travels to Britain after discovering that her father is an English nobleman and once there, finds herself drawn into the lifestyle of a Lady of Leisure…

Part 1


Doll Wife: The Tale of Charity Clayhanger

In the alternative Britain that we first encountered in ‘The Tale of Anastasia’, Emily Carter is a plain girl who foolishly spoilt any modest marriage prospects that she might have had with some schoolyard sinning. But then her world is turned upside when her father dies leaving her already impoverished family sinking in his gambling debts. But hope is on the horizon when Elijah Cartwright offers to marry her mother and send Emily to a posh finishing school. Little does she know that its teaching methods are a little extreme…

Part 1



Sheikh bin Yusuf is a wealthy Arab who loves a bubble butt but has been betrayed by women in the past. In desperation he turns to David Hemingway who knows the answer to the Sheikh’s problems. Little does his former girlfriend Chelsea know, that she is the answer and that from now on she will be renamed “Peach”…


Fräulein von Eltzen

In this sequel to Mike’s ‘Baroness Anne Marie’, Anne Marie, after agreeing to marry Fritz von Eltzen finds that the restriction and restraint that has entered into her life, rather than disappearing, seems only to be getting worse…

Chapter 1


Serving the Dear Leader

Hong Yong-Hee is a simple proletarian girl from Hamyong Province in the socialist utopia of the Motherland. One day the Dear Leader comes to greet the workers in her town and she presents a bouquet of flowers to Him. Taken by her, a pure flower of Hamyong, Yong-Hee finds her life altering drastically. No longer is she destined to become a Model Worker but instead she is enlisted into the mysterious Platoon 72 of Young Pioneers, an elite group of beautiful young women who exist to serve the needs of the Dear Leader. And boy, does He have some needs…

Part 1


Jennifer Baker

An appendum to the Society for the Fulfilment of the Venus Ideal tetraology, this short tale of true love tells of Andrew Bradbury who meets Jennifer Baker, a Society daughter who is just about to be transformed into a muted, bunny rabbit sex toy for the pleasure of another member. Can anything save her… or him…?

Jennifer Baker

Alison Becomes A Lady of Leisure

Alison Knight is an independent girl with a job in the local tearooms and the responsibility of looking after her younger sister. However, when Samuel Withenshaw becomes a regular customer because he has fallen in love with her, she knows that her life is about to change. Little does she – or he – realise how much. For Sam has caught the eye of his boss, the rich and influential owner of Williamson Mills. And Alison has caught the eye of Mrs. Williamson, a Lady of Leisure who decides to take on the young bride as a pet project…

Chapter 1



It’s 2039 and Mastana Ahmadzay is an intelligent and independent young Afghani woman studying in Delhi for her MBA. But then the old king dies back home and she finds herself forced into an unwelcome… and unusual marriage…

Part 1


Leyla’s Plight

Abdul has always been fascinated with women’s clothing and dreamt about wearing them. Then one day his mother and sisters found out and those dreams became a living nightmare…

Part 1


Dr. Edwards’ Special Birthday Present

It’s the 70th birthday of Dr. Daniel Edwards, a pillar of the local community.But in this alternative Britain, birthday presents are little more exciting..

Part 1


A Day in the Life

It’s a sunny May day in 1865 and we follow a young lady as she enjoys… or endures… a day that starts off typically…

Part 1: Her Awakening


An Artist’s Masterpiece

***Co-written with Cafter***

It’s 2045 in our alternative Britain and Emily is an intelligent but plain young lady who can’t wait to start university. A visit to the wealthy Humphrey Braithwaite changes all that though…

Book 1

Ascension in the East

***Co-written with Cafter***

Emily Nguyen is a ballet dancer in Manchester. When the entire Sukhothai royal family is wiped out in a terrorist attack she doesn’t even notice. She perhaps should. As the next in line to the throne of the Sukhothai Empire, that attack will change her life beyond all imagining…

Chapter 1

9 thoughts on “Index of Stories

    • Thanks for your comment Liz. I might write more stories set in that alternative world in the future. Also, if you or anyone else wishes to have a go, I would be happy to post it on this site.

      Dave Potter


  1. You may wish to rethink your layout, there is no need for all that space between the chapter links. The font spacing isn’t the greatest either.


  2. I am very glad to see your works on your own website. I want to encourage you to continue your writing as I have loved your approach and the detail and wonderful objectification. I would encourage more and more difficulty and acceptance of pain. The idea of an ideal wife who the husband is proud of and loves to show her off to others is a wonderful dream. Hugely large and modified and bound breasts presented out as an ornament of modification, bondage and pain is a beauty to behold! Perhaps I can encourage more writing of this wonderful nature!


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