My favourite erotic fiction

If you like my tales, then you’ll probably like some of these. On this page are all the links to my favourite erotica on the web and also a few stories that can no longer be found in the hope that you’ll have saved a copy and can let me have it…

‘The Consignment by Baron von Ronsa: Very, very dark. The tale of the abduction of two sisters who are then transformed into fetish objects. A tour de force. By the way, there was an unfinished sequel to this.

‘Fit for the Emperor’ by Benfan: An incredible short piece of societal restriction. A young concubine is being prepared to meet the emperor in an ancient China that treated women very much as objects… Join Benfanstorybox to read this story.

‘Wake-up Call’ by Benfan: Another excellent vignette about women who have been modified into mere pillows for the pleasure of their master… Join Benfanstorybox to read this story.

‘On the Table’ by Benfan: A masterpiece of bimboification! A young lady finds herself on a hospital table being transformed into Jasmin, a pleasure companion… Unfinished. Join Benfanstorybox to read this story.

‘Not Without My Daughter’ by Bo_Emp: Bo_Emp is probably my favourite writer of erotica. This early work features a mother and daughter who visit Iran with their husband. But this is an ultra-conservative Iran where veiling is only the start of things. And leaving is far more difficult than arriving…

‘Something in the Night’ by Bo_Emp: Part of his ‘Darkness Collection’ inspired by the Bruce Sprinsteen album, this short story tells of a shopping visit by a woman who lives a veiled and extremely restricted life… Excellent veiling societal restriction.

‘Prove it All Night’ by Bo_Emp: Part of his ‘Darkness Collection’ inspired by the Bruce Sprinsteen album, this tale is the story of how Aminah and Tariq elope and marry. But Tariq expects his wife to be very heavily covered and silent… Excellent societal restriction and probably my favourite Bo_Emp tale.

‘Harrassment’ by Bo_Emp: Another contender for my favourite Bo_Emp tale. Inspired by a video on YouTube, Hasna takes to veiling more and more heavily in order to avoid harrassment… I would love to know what is said on the video; can anyone who speaks Arabic help?

‘Dr. Niqaab’ by Bo_Emp: A lengthy veiling epic in which Munira finds herself treated by a heavily veiled doctor before she moves to one of the strictest parts of Pakistan and has to live a similar life herself…

‘Edward and Elizabeth’ by Daniel: A lengthy romance between a young man of fashion and a young lady who is laced to unbelievable extremes in order to appear elegant and helplessly delicate. Sounds like my kind of girl…

‘A Preacher for Shamira’ by Den Sethos: Inspired by one of my stories, Shami’s New Life, this plunges that poor girl’s misery into new depths. Dark but good.

‘Baroness Gloria’ by Elaine: A masterpiece of TG erotica. A young boy visits his aunt in Berlin. He leaves a young girl, tightly-corsetted and heavily restricted…

‘One Man’s Art’ by H Dean: H Dean has written some incredible stories about turning women into objects. Here’s the best of them… Join Benfanstorybox to read this story.

‘Internet Pals’ by Janet: Silke, an unhappy German teen, goes to stay with her internet pal in the strict Sultanate of Rashid. Some interesting veiling and practices that border on babification.

Angela’s Wedding’ by Karzon99: An unfinished tale about a woman who marries a rich emir and finds herself transformed into some sort of regal object because of tradition. Would love to see this completed.

‘Five Sisters’ by Kris O’Donnell: A short vignette about a woman who lives in a society of extreme modesty and restriction. A beautiful short piece of societal restriction.

‘Becoming Cupcake’ by Mayor of Cherish: Cherish is a perfect 1950s American town, think Stepford Wives on acid. Little does Alison know when she rolls up in town, that she’ll be made to fit in… Join Benfanstorybox to read this story.

‘Rebecca of Halstead Hall by Mike: I love Mike’s work and this is amongst his best, societal restriction par excellence. In the early years of the 19th century with their liberating female fashions, Becky gets married to Lord Halstead who is attracted to her because she resembles his late wife. However, things take an unexpected turn when he asks Becky to dress in some of his first wife’s old outfits, outfits from one of the most restrictive epochs of fashion history…

‘Brazilian Beauties’ by Mike: Another Mike classic in which a young postal bride moves from Europe to Brazil. Little does she know how restrictive Brazilian fashions are. Thanks to Mike for providing this story for the site.

‘And so to Bed, Perchance to Dream, Not!’ by Mike: A short piece by Mike about a young lady of fashion being prepared for bed. This story introduced me to the concept of the monoglove… and a whole lot more…

‘Excerpts from the Diary of Gabrielle van Wettering’ by Mike: An epic work, (well, I have to say that since he was inspired by my ‘Gabrielle van Hessel’ but nonetheless, this s top drawer stuff by Mike, the diary of a young lady who is slowly restricted and objectified by her new husband on the voyage out from the Netherlands to Batavia. My only issue, this is the second half only.

The Elaborate Ornament’ by Mike: His latest effort is a classic piece of societal restriction all about an active young lady who has been transformed into a living fashion plate, an elaborate ornament…

‘A Very Welcome Ambassador’ by Nye North: Nye writes very few stories which is a shame, as this one is excellent. Sir Boothroyd Carter-Phillips becomes the British Ambassador to a Gulf Emirate. Little do his wife and daughter realise how this will affect their lives…

‘The Social Climbing of the Campbell Family’ by Oscar: Inspired by the alternative Britain that I created for my Rebecca (N.B. Inspired by the Mike story of the same name and not the same alternative Britain as ‘Doll Wife’ and ‘The Tale of Anastasia’), this story explores the lives of two schoolgirls whose parents want to social climb but doing so means restrictions for them. The very definition of societal restriction.

‘The Corsetmaker’s Daughter’ by Querthe: This was an excellent unfinished tale about a young girl, the daughter of a corsetmaker, subjected to extreme tightlacing. Seems to be lost now, can anyone help? Thanks to Querthe and Frank for providing copies of this story to post on the site.

‘Maskistan – Amanra’ by Querthe: Querthe’s a master of latex fiction and this is his best. Part of the Maskistan series, tales set in a world petrified by disease and so everything must be hygienic, clean and covered in rubber and latex.

‘The Daughters of Deuteronomy’ by Tes Staylace: A short tale by Tes, the webmaster of Long Island Staylace Association all about a strange religious cult in the future which forces its prophetesses to tightlace and wear monogloves…

12 thoughts on “My favourite erotic fiction

  1. Hi Dave! Huge fan of your work, here! I was wondering if you know where I might find a copy of The Consignmnet? I’ve looked everywhere, and can’t seem to find it anywhere! Thanks so much! 🙂



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